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How to fix a leaky ceiling

Views: 0     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-04      Origin: PQWT

Leak detection and causes of leaks in the ceiling leak repair procedure; the biggest concern of every homeowner in the home renovation process is the renovation techniques or renovation materials, not the renovation process that leads to this or that trouble in the normal life in the future, such as the ceiling leak problem. So what are the suggestions to fix the building when homeowners find a leaky ceiling? The following pipeline leak detector manufacturers maintenance take you to understand.

pipeline leak detector

A. Causes of ceiling leaks

When it comes to ceiling repair, the first thing one has to do is to understand the problem of why the ceiling is leaking, which is the cause of the leak. Among the many reasons for ceiling leaks, there are three most common reasons.

1, upstairs users of the bathroom or kitchen and other water-intensive places did not do waterproof layer construction, or floor drain blockage led to water leakage through the heating pipe casing, resulting in ceiling stains.

2、Walls absorb water and seepage leads to ceiling leakage.

3、Water seepage from windows leads to indoor walls and ceilings leaking and moldy due to humidity.

B. Ceiling patching construction solution

Due to the different reasons caused by ceiling leaks, different methods should also be taken in the ceiling leak repair program. The difference between the concealed pipe and the open pipe is relatively large, the open pipe is the exterior of the pipe that can be seen, which can follow the pipe to find, but the concealed pipe is different, can not see, but also can not determine the specific location of the leak, if rashly positioned is likely to be unable to find the specific location, the second is to repair. This time it is necessary to use pipeline leak detector for accurate positioning.

pipeline leak detector

1, for upstairs users bathroom, kitchen waterproofing layer is not done or floor drain blockage leads to water leakage from the heating pipe casing, at this time need to do a good job of consultation with the upstairs owners. In the specific repair treatment, is the bathroom, kitchen and other leaking parts of the floor tiles knocked out, and then re-construction of waterproofing. Waterproofing construction projects should be carried out three separate closed water tests, respectively, before construction and renovation, after plumbing changes, and after the completion of tile re-laying. Ensure that the closed water test before the completion of no leaks; if the upstairs owners of the floor drain due to water blockage through other channels and lead to ceiling leaks, at this time ceiling leaks need to repair the gap between the upstairs users of heating pipes and casing, and smoothed with putty.

2、If the walls have mold and seepage due to water seepage and absorption, it is necessary to check and remedy carefully at this time.

(1), check whether the water and sewage pipes are installed and whether they are aging and rusting due to water leakage.

(2), The bathroom waterproofing layer is low in height, so that the shower nozzle sprays onto the wall, leaving the wall in a humid environment.

(3), Cracks in the exterior walls cause asbestos to absorb water and moisture in the walls, wicking up dryness, mold and leaks.

Generally, ceiling leaks due to water seepage and absorption in the walls are more complicated in ceiling leak repair construction, which requires careful detection and repair by the construction team.

3、Window seepage to the inner wall, thus occurring fallen powder and water leakage. This situation is mainly because the sealing work between the window frame and the wall is not completed, at this time, the owner needs to remove the clean sealant and then use the glass glue to reseal the gap between the two treatments.

Pipeline leak detector manufacturers remind: If you encounter a leaky ceiling in your life, if you can not determine the location of the leak, then do not blindly smash to find, it is best to find a professional pipeline leak detector team for accurate positioning, and then repair work, so as to solve the root cause of the problem and reduce the re-occurrence of leaks, but also to reduce the waste of materials.