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Causes of underground pipeline leakage

Views: 14     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-07      Origin: PQWT

Urban water supply network is an important infrastructure for urban construction and plays a very important role in ensuring the stable development of urban economy and the improvement of people's living standard. However, the underground water supply network is a complex environment and pipeline leakage is common.

pipe leak detector

At present, pipeline leakage is common in China's water supply industry, with an average water loss rate of about 20%, of which leakage accounts for about 50% of water loss, and in some places pipeline leakage is even very serious, greatly reducing the water supply efficiency of water supply enterprises.

Leaky pipes not only cause waste of water resources, but in some cases even affect people's normal production and life. The main reasons for the leakage of pipeline network are as follows.

1. The quality of the backfill body of the pipe trench is too poor. If the pipe is not fed for a long time, it will cause the rubber gaskets of clamps/valves to break or the welded joints to rust and leak. Severe geological settlement of rivers and other local buildings can aggravate the creation of leak points.

2. The valves are severely damaged, the whole pipe network cannot be effectively controlled, and there is a large amount of leakage from valves within the department.

3. Most of the large buildings are located in mountainous areas and farmlands. The existence of various terrains and greenery leads to over-thick backfill, over-deep burial of pipes, geological settlement leads to stress on pipes and serious leakage.

4. In recent years, the price of housing has increased, the construction speed is too fast, and the quality of some engineering details is poor, leading to large area leakage or pipe blockage.

5. There is a serious lack of drawings, and developers only have design drawings, no finished drawings can reflect the true direction of the pipeline. In the face of large areas of green and concrete land, properties often can not find the buried valves.

6. The maintenance of fire protection pipeline network in property management work only focuses on the maintenance of above-ground pipelines. With the fire protection maintenance, everything will be fine, not the testing and maintenance of underground pipes.

Due to the above reasons, most of the buildings in China, such as factories and other buildings, have serious corrosion and leakage in the buried parts of the fire protection pipe network. Leak detection is imminent!

Pipeline leak detection suggests using pqwt pipeline leak detector to find the leak point.

pipe leak detector

The pipeline leak detector developed and produced by Hunan Puchi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional instrument for various water companies, fire companies, heating companies, municipal construction companies and property companies to conduct census of underground pipeline leaks. It is mainly used to find and determine the location of water supply pipeline leaks, and can also be used for leak detection of other pressure pipeline systems. When the fluid in the pipe under pressure from the leak point, the noise generated by the impact on the inner wall can spread along the pipe, or along the buried medium to the ground, the pipe leak detector through the industrial level amplification of the leak noise and then determine the leak point.