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Do you know the use of hot spring wells?

Views: 2     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-03-08      Origin: PQWT

Hot spring well refers to the method and installation of geothermal energy or hot spring water with water temperature greater than 30°C for power generation at a well depth of about 3,500 m. Geothermal is divided into three categories: high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature. geothermal energy in the form of steam above 150°C is high temperature geothermal energy; 90°C to 150°C, medium temperature geothermal energy in the form of water-steam mixture; above 25°C and below 90°C, in the form of warm water, lukewarm water and hot water low-temperature geothermal energy that exists. Next, Yunnan Ding Geological Engineering Co., Ltd. from Co. will introduce you to these uses of hot spring wells.


1. The first thing that comes to mind is hot spring bathing, but geothermal is more than these simple uses. Geothermal is divided into three categories: high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature. Higher than 150℃, in the form of steam, is a high temperature geothermal; 90℃ to 150℃, in the form of a mixture of water and steam, etc., is a medium temperature geothermal; higher than 25℃, lower than 90℃, in the form of warm water, lukewarm water, hot water, etc., is a low temperature geothermal.

2、High temperature geothermal is suitable for power generation, medium temperature geothermal can be used for power generation and also for home heating, while low temperature geothermal can be used for bathing, medical treatment, heating, and greenhouse planting and aquaculture.

3、The first consideration is power generation. It is not uncommon to see geothermal power stations abroad with medium-temperature geothermal water as the energy source, and a 72℃ geothermal water power generation unit has been built in Alaska, USA.

4, hot spring wells can also be used for heating. In addition to environmental protection and energy conservation, geothermal heating technology is simple and easy to use, and the requirements for temperature are relatively broad, and can be used in the temperature range of 15 ℃ to 180 ℃. And 103 ℃ underground hot water can be exempted from heating, directly led to the heating system for heating services.

5, geothermal heat should be "ladder" utilization, so that geothermal resources are "well used" in one step; the second step is sent to the hot spring fishing center to provide ground heating; the third step is aquaculture, and then lead to the hot spring planting and harvesting base for special dishes. The third step is aquaculture, which then leads to a spa planting and picking base for growing and irrigating special vegetables and flowers and various seasonal fruits.