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How to troubleshoot water leaks in houses? How to fix a leaky pipe

Views: 14     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-25      Origin: PQWT

One of the biggest concerns of homeowners is whether the house has a water leak, and if the house has a leak that is not addressed, or not addressed enough, it can have an impact on life. So, what are the ways to measure water leaks in a house? The following water leak detection and repair will be introduced.

pipeline leak detector

A、Water leak detection methods for houses

1、Zone leak detection method

This is a method of using a flow meter to measure water leakage. First, close all the valves connected to the area to distinguish it from other areas. Next, connect one end of the fire hose to the hydrant in the isolated area and the other end to the test equipment of the flow meter. One side of the second fire hose was connected to the hydrant in the other area and the other side was connected to the test device of the flow meter, and finally the hydrant was opened and water was delivered to the isolation area. With the help of the flowmeter, the amount of leakage under pressure can be obtained by measuring the water flow in this area.

2、Related instrumentation leak detection method

The correlation leak detection method is the most advanced and effective leak detection method in the world. It is suitable for some areas with noisy environment and deep pipeline burial, and the location of underground pipeline leakage can be quickly detected by relevant instruments.

3、Ground listening method

pipeline leak detector

The use of pqwt pipeline leak detector pre-positioning method to determine the leaky pipe section, through the electronic amplification of listening to the leaky instrument on the ground to monitor the leaky point of the underground pipeline, and then the precise positioning. Compare point by point along the leaking pipeline towards a certain distance. When the ground pickup is close to the leak point, the leak sound will become more and more obvious, which means the leak point reaches its maximum at the top.

B. Causes and locations of water leaks in houses

1、The window perimeter does not meet the regulations, and there is a gap between the window perimeter and the wall.

2、Holes may exist in the masonry of the external wall, such as the horizontal bar holes of scaffolding, which are not blocked tightly when plastering, causing water seepage.

3、If the roof panel is made waterproof, then the waterproof layer may be aged and lead to cracking, and rainwater will penetrate through the waterproof layer and roof panel.

4、If the roof panel is not waterproofed, it is waterproofed by its own concrete and surface mortar. Then because of the temperature difference, the roof panel concrete and surface mortar will crack, causing water leakage.

5、When a storm comes, rainwater may also seep in from the bottom of the window sash.

6、The waterproofing of the connection part between the roof and the drainage outlet is not enough, which may also be the cause of water leakage.

7、The waterproofing of the connection between the roof panel and the wall is not handled well, which may easily cause leakage.

C、What are the methods to measure water leakage in water pipes?

1、To close the main gate, followed by a hose to be fixed at both ends of the cold water pipe and hot water pipe.

2、Fix one side of the instrument to another water pipe in the same area.

3, maintenance personnel in the use of the instrument, each interface should be tightened, do not have the problem of air leakage, so that the measured water pressure is more accurate.

4, after all the preparations are in place, you can start to pressurize and measure the water leakage.

5, gradually increase the water pressure, and test the pressure tolerance of the water pipe to see if there is a water pipe leakage problem exists.

6, the inspector to raise the water pressure, according to the general statement, the water pressure at this stage to reach 8 kg, to see if there is a leak problem.