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PQWT-CL900.8M Pressure Pipeline Leakage Automatic Analyzer

PQWT-CL900 pressure pipeline leakage automatic analyzer is a fully automated leak detector, which is independently developed by our institute. It is especially suitable for pipeline leak detection in large industrial parks. It overcomes the single leak detector is easy to exist due to the pipeline of liquid, gas flow rate pressure changes caused by the miscarriage of justice problems., and arranges multiple wireless leak detection probes in pipelines through wireless connection mode. Recording the data at the same time, By comparing and analyzing the recording data of each probe to determine the location of the leak.
  • PQWT-CL900

  • PQWT

  • 9031809090


1. Nine wireless sensors can also find leaking point in the unknown pipeline

2. Nine wireless sensors apply for large areas to find leaks

3. High sensitivity and precise location of leaks

4 . Automatically determine the leakage point, suitable for all kinds of pipeline materials and the ground

5 Super anti-jamming filter environmental noise, identify the leaking noise

6. Free service from the professional technical guidance 24hours online

7. Apply to property management company, water supply company, heating companies, fire company pipes leak detection.

8. Two years warranty.


Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute is a professional institution in china who

engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of Geophysical Prospecting Instruments, pipe

water leak detector, leakage automatic analyser, geophysical prospecting underground water

detector, cavity detector, mine locator, dam piping detector, borehole inspection camera and

pipeline detector. More than 200 staffs, including 16 senior engineer, 49 intermediate engineer.

Over the years, Puqi focuses on Hydrogeological exploration, Intelligent data-capture technology

and Application of special technique, carrying out Scientific research, Technical services and

Marketing application. We have completed more than 65 items including National ministries,

Sino-foreign cooperation and major scientific research projects. Having the honor to win a number

of national research awards, with more than 117 national patents.

Meanwhile, Puqi has established long term cooperation relationship with many scientific research

institutes in Germany, US, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Number of

geological data laboratories has been established at multiple places in china, using our own unique

software to carry out long term data collection, analysis and detection for different geologic

structure, and set up the differential database of different geologic structure area.


1. The instrument early in the design has been fully taken into account the use of the extreme

environments . But still have to pay attention to the correct method of operation, please do not fall

equipment deliberately, proper use will extend the life of the instrument .

2. The instrument is not waterproof, please do not immerse the instrument in water or operate in

the rain.

3. Please do not strike LCD screen, do not expose the monitor for a long time in direct sunlight, if

there is a touch faulty, please shutdown and restart.

4. In order to ensure the normal use of the instrument , please be gently, and do not beat .

5. After using, please clean the instrument and load it into special box, please place the parts into

the corresponding position, do not crush the screen.

6. The instrument should be placed in a cool and dry space.

7. Please do not disassemble the instrument, this will cause the instrument data errors or system


Product Overview

PQWT-CL900 Leakage automatic analyser is a fully automatic leak detector,

which overcomes the single leak detector is easy to exist due to the pipeline of liquid,gas flow rate

pressure changes caused by miscarriage of justice problems.The method comprises the following

steps: arranging a group of samplers in a linear array or a matrix mode in a leak detecting area of

the pipeline;setting the working mode of the host machine in the wireless mode,then instructing

the sampler in the group to collect data at the same time, and according to the number of samplers

were stored in each sampler sampling data,by comparing the sampling of the sampled data








8 Meters

Frequency Channel

28 center frequency analysis

Amplifier Gain

100-level Gain adjustment, 100-level volume adjustment, and 8-level signal multiple adjustment

Operation Mode

Spectrum Analysis ; Filtering Analysis ; Automatic Analysis


7-inch HD touch screen

Stand-by Time

8-10 hours

Power Supply

7.4V 5000mAh Rechargeable lithium battery