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  • Future Prospects of Urban Pipe Cable Locator Industry
      As the pace of urbanization continues to accelerate, the importance of underground pipelines as a "lifeline" to support city operations is becoming increasingly prominent. From guaranteeing the basic functions of urban water supply, power supply and drainage, to supporting the key areas of communi
  • 8 Steps to Leak Detection for Buried Ground Water Pipes
      Underneath the city, countless pipes are silently performing the important task of transporting water. However, over time, these pipes may develop leaks for various reasons. In order to ensure that water is not wasted, and also to ensure the proper functioning of public utilities, it is especially
  • Water leakage detection and accurate positioning instruments: safe and accurate methods and tools
      When a water pipe leaks, we first need to turn off the power to prevent danger. It is important to make sure that the power supply has been turned off safely before dealing with the leak. Then, use a soft cloth or similar item to plug the leak and prevent the water from splashing around. In order
  • Detecting and fixing heating pipe leaks: from cause to solution
      Leaking pipes are a common and difficult problem in the operation of a heating business. In order to ensure the stability and efficiency of heating, companies need to take effective measures to solve this problem. In this paper, we will discuss in depth the causes of water leakage of heating pipes
  • Water Pipe Leakage Treatment
      In daily life, water pipe leakage is a common and headache problem. Whether it is a sewer pipe, water pipe fitting, PPR plastic water pipe or iron water pipe, once a leak occurs, it will not only cause inconvenience in life, but also may bring property damage. So, what should you do when you encou
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