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  • What are the methods of pipe leak detection?

    What are the methods of pipe leak detection?According to the actual situation, what are the methods of pipe leak detection? Traditional water pipeline leak detection mainly uses acoustic principles, relying on "listeners" profound expertise and years of work experience, using measuring equipment to

  • 5 kinds of water pipe leak solution

      For home improvement, pipe leaks are more trouble, because the pipes are in the wall or under the floor, which requires smashing the floor, or destroy the wall, in short, will be the hard work of renovating a good home again to destroy, not only let people wasted effort, but also loss of money, so

  • Analysis of the main points of attention of geological survey for water extraction from boreholes

    In the design and construction of geotechnical engineering should be strengthened in the groundwater survey, and the survey of the taxation bureau for accurate analysis, in order to develop groundwater impact prevention program to reduce the harm of groundwater on geotechnical engineering. In order

  • Underground pipeline leak detection method introduction

      Underground pipelines as the lifeline of enterprise production and living water, play an important role in the normal production of enterprises and device safety. However, due to the long years of construction, corrosion and aging of underground pipelines, sudden natural disasters and human damag

  • Examples of water leak detection analysis of different water pipe types

    Water inlet pipe leak detection Keep no water, look at the water meter first, write down the numbers, and check it again after 2-3 hours, if it is a leaky inlet pipe, you will be able to see it soon. Inside the wall water pipe leakage will generally lead to wall blotting, the treatment method is ver

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