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  • The method of finding groundwater source by drilling wells

      How to find the regularity of groundwater to determine the mining method, the success rate of finding water will be higher? In view of the difficulty of finding water in karst groundwater, without the support of special water search instruments, we should adopt conventional simple and practical te

  • What is the correct way to drill a well?

      I believe the word "well drilling" is not new to us all, as it is used in our daily life and industrial enterprises. Many consumers are curious about how to drill a well, so here is the correct way to drill a well.  1. Configure the right pump  After completing the well, you should measure the wat

  • How to detect leaking pipes and repair methods

      In modern society, the requirements for decoration have been generally improved, then the house after a long time various problems will appear, how to do the water pipe leakage is one of the problems we face, we all know that the water pipe has always been one of the ways of home drainage, then th

  • What are the characteristics of leak detection methods

      What are the characteristics of leak detection methods  Leak detection methods commonly used abroad are: audio leak detection method, correlation leak detection method, area leak detection noise automatic monitoring method and zoning leak detection method. The first three leak detection methods re

  • How to reasonably choose the pole distance, point distance and number of measuring points for underground water detector

    1, the choice of pole distance: pole distance is the distance between two electrode rods. In the same underground water detector measurement point, the greater the pole distance the greater the measured potential difference, not only faster measurement speed, and the smaller the relative error,

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