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PQWT-GX700 Underground water pipelines detector pressure wireless pipe locator cable wire locating device

PQWT-GX700 Underground pipe and cable detector locator water leak detection device leakage detection equipment

PQWT-GX700 pipe locator is based on electromagnetic induction method to the application of communication principles designed. Included in the use of more user-friendly design, through large-screen liquid crystal display signal strength, grate, arrows and voice prompts make the operator to easily determine the location and underground cable fault. One person to complete all operations.

PQWT-GX700 pipeline locator can be used to find the cable (charged or uncharged) path and can be used to find buried cable failure. Can be done in the past several sets of equipment to complete the task.

PQWT-GX700 has changed the traditional concept of cable fault location, without high-voltage test equipment, without the use of AC power, no analysis of the waveform, wiring is simple, use a school that will.

In the past we find the cable path, the power cable must be tested, and some can not run the power cable, use the PQWT-GX700 can easily solve the problem of electric cables to find the path. PQWT-GX700 50Hz can be charged directly to find the cable path.




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