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PQWT-L7000 Multi-Sensor Water Pipeline Leak detector

PQWT-L7000 Multiple Sensor Pipe Leak Detector, design for indoor or outdoor underground and walls pipeline leakage detection.
Sensor: Large Sensor, Middle Sensor, Triangular Sensor, Square Sensor
Detection Depth: Large Sensor&Middle Sensor: 5m (195 inch); Triangular Sensor&Square Sensor: 50cm (20 inch)
Headphones: High Frequency Noise Canceling Headphones
Application: Indoor and Outdoor Underground Pipes 
Working Principle: By collecting and analyzing the leakage signal, pinpointing the leakage on the pressure pipelines.
  • PQWT-L7000

  • PQWT

  • 9031809090


PQWT-Multi-Sensors Water Pipeline Leak Detector 


PQWT-L Multi-Sensor Water Pipeline Leak detector is the latest generation of intelligent water leak detector independently developed by Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute, This device is equipped with a triangle sensor, square sensor, medium sensor and large sensor. It is suitable for water leakage detection of outdoor water pipe, fire pipe, heating system, indoor water pipe, and underground heating floor pipe. By collecting and analyzing leakage signal, it solves the problem of pressure pipe water leak.

Working Principle

PQWT-L Multi-Sensor Water Pipeline Leak detector collects leaking sound signal through its sensor, collected signal will be processed by host machine and displayed on the host machine screen in the form of visual spectrum and signal bars. At the same time, the sound will also be output to its earphone through the host machine. Water leakage point can be found out easily through the combination of "listening to the abnormal sound" and "observing the abnormal signal bars”