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PQWT Pipe Network Leakage Online Monitoring and Early Warning System Urban Smart Pipe Network Leakage Point Detector

Pipe network online leakage monitor is a system for real-time online monitoring of pipe leakage. It can be used in urban lifeline, leakage control, park water conservation, smart city and other use scenarios
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Competitive advantage:

1, the system integrates high sensitivity intelligent pipe network leakage monitor (sensitivity>1800PC/G) wireless transmission, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, truly unattended, automated online monitoring, not only saves time and effort, but also monitoring accuracy and real-time is guaranteed. And according to the actual situation of the monitored pipe network and the project budget, the number of monitoring probes can be freely selected.

2、Comprehensive data collection, to achieve accurate imaging. The system platform for leakage noise signal collection in the early stage, data collection process is simple and fast, digital monitoring equipment can be automatically summarized for each monitoring point, through the background of big data analysis, prediction and display, so that the status of the pipeline network within the jurisdiction at a glance, the precise image of each monitoring point, and at the same time can be realized for the unit time to identify the anomalies of the tracking of the focus of the management.

3、Timed monitoring throughout the day to realize regular supervision. Install high-precision pipe network leakage monitor in the appropriate position of the pipe network (generally valve wells), and utilize wireless transmission, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies to realize the automated measurement and monitoring of pipe network leakage, so that the pipe network leakage from the manual inspection to the normal supervision.

4, the whole data analysis, realize efficient control. Using big data technology and combining with automated monitoring, linkage analysis means, building pipe network leakage dynamic, grading early warning mechanism, to create an informatization management system from pipe network leakage investigation to repair, realizing early warning management and efficient control of pipe network leakage.

5, the use of new technologies to achieve economic science. The system is characterized by timeliness (not affected by time and climate, etc.), security (real-time backup of data and encryption of sensitive data), convenience (online data collection), economy (less manual input) and intelligence (big data analysis and research and judgment).