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Cavity detector reveals new tool for underground mysteries

Views: 14     Author: Cavity detector reveals      Publish Time: 2023-04-19      Origin: Cavity detector reveals

In recent years, with the continuous development of modern science and technology, people are exploring deeper and deeper into the underground. As an important technology in geological exploration and mineral resources development, cavity detection has become one of the necessary tools for many industries. So, how is cavity detection achieved?

Cavity detector reveals

Cavity detection refers to a technology that uses detection instruments to input energy such as electromagnetic waves or sound waves into the ground, then obtains echo data and analyzes it to determine whether there are underground structures such as cavities, pipes, and cracks. This technology includes several fields, such as geological exploration, municipal engineering, architectural design and construction, water conservancy and hydropower, environmental monitoring, etc. At present, there are already many suppliers of cavity detection instruments at home and abroad, among which the more famous ones include companies such as Puqi Research Institute.

Cavity detector is the use of natural electric field and geological structure of different resistivity changes and other related parameters to determine the analysis of the geological anomalies we are looking for. It is roughly the same as the traditional electrical exploration, but with essential differences and leaps and bounds improvement. Its exploration speed and accuracy have been improved several times.

In addition to the basic principle, the working process of the cavity detector is relatively simple. First, the instrument is used to determine the location and depth of the probe and set the probe parameters. Then, the probe will be placed on the ground and turn on the power of the detection instrument, you can start to detect. In the detection process, the detection instrument will gradually scan the entire area, and record the results of each point of detection. Finally, the data will be uploaded to the computer for processing, and then the location, depth and size of the cavity can be derived from the information.

The advantages of the cavity detector are mainly reflected in the following aspects. First, it is efficient and accurate. Compared with traditional exploration techniques, the cavity detector can quickly detect the condition of underground structures and can provide more accurate data. In addition, the cavity detector can not only detect the underground structure, but also provide some other information, such as soil density, water table depth, underground rock layer, etc.. This information is of great significance to geological exploration and mineral resources development.

The application field of cavity detector is very wide. In municipal engineering, it is mainly used to detect whether there are cracks or damage to underground pipes, cables and other facilities, so as to reduce the possibility of accidents; in architectural design and construction, it can detect whether the foundation has sufficient bearing capacity and determine the obstacles encountered during construction; in water conservancy and hydropower, it can detect the location of underground water sources, the depth of the water table and the hydrogeological situation, so as to provide water conservancy engineering design In environmental monitoring, it can detect whether there is a leakage channel under the waste dumping site and carry out effective management.

In short, the cavity detector, as a high-tech, has become one of the essential tools for modern exploration and development. In the future, with the rapid development of science and technology and industrial production, the cavity detector will continue to be widely used, and continue to achieve technological innovation and upgrading, to provide greater help for human exploration of underground mysteries.