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DN-II  Automatic Floor Heating Pipes Leak Detector

DN-II Automatic floor heating pipes leak detector is a newly developed intelligent leak detector specially designed for household floor heating pipe leakage. This instrument is different from the sound and vibration principle leak detector method in the market. The operator does not need any leakage measurement experience, and the instrument automatically locates the leakage point, effectively solving the problem of difficult detection of microleakage of household heating pipes.
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Product Advantage

1. Wireless passive positioning technology is adopted to accurately locate leakage.


2.  One key operation, automatic locating the leaking position.


3.  Simple operation, learn easily in 5minutes.


4.  Locating the leakage is fast and efficient


5. Microleakage can be checked out, reduce misjudgment.

Host machine parameters

Model No.:DN-II

Depth: 20cm

Measurement Accuracy:more than 2 drops/second

Operation Mode:Passive locator,Automatic trackingtheleakage.

Dimensions:33.5*41.5*18(cm )

Weight: 9.9Kg

External Power Supply: 24V/10A

heating pipes leak detector 4

Tracker device parameters:

Dimensions:20*12*88(cm )

Principle:Wireless passive positioning technology



Power Supply:8.4V

heating pipes leak detector (1)

Accessory box:

heating pipes leak detector (3)


PQWT is a professional institution in China who engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of underground water detector, water leak detector, leakage automatic analyzer, cavity detector, mine locator, dam piping detector, and borehole inspection camera. 

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