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What are the 3 periods of drilling for water

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This method can be divided into three periods to carry out, first, professional drilling water well in the drilling process to select the most suitable drilling fluid can be useful to reduce the work of the discards; second, the discharge of drilling discards can be recycled again on the use; finally, the non-recyclable drilling discards through legal and reasonable methods to dispose of. After these three periods, it is not only possible to reduce the cost of money and time for disposal, but also beneficial to the environmental protection of the whole environment.

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In comparison, there are more options and simpler ways to dispose of land drilling waste, such as extracting the liquid from the mud pond and disposing of the solids by burying or laxing. Specialized water well drilling can also be done by injecting mud back into the designated injection wells through the annular space injection method to inject drill cuttings back into the subsurface.


Hammering method


The pile is driven to a predetermined depth using the impact energy of the pile hammer to overcome the resistance of the foundation soil to the pile, and is suitable for soft or plastic cohesive soils. The main equipment used are pile frame, pile hammer, power equipment, etc. There are four kinds of pile hammers in common use: drop hammer, single-action steam hammer, double-action steam hammer and diesel hammer. The hammer body of drop hammer is made of cast iron, weighing from 250 to 2000 kg, which is lifted by human power or winch, and the pile is driven by the impact energy of the free fall of the hammer body. Its advantage is the simple structure, but the piling speed is slow. Single-action steam hammer is the use of steam or compressed air energy to lift the hammer body, rely on the hammer body free fall impact energy piling; hammer body weight of 1500 ~ 10000 kg, the number of hammering per minute for 25 ~ 30 times, is a more commonly used pile hammer. Double-action steam hammer is a cylinder fixed on the top of the pile, relying on the energy of steam or compressed air to push the hammer body in the cylinder up and down: because of its high impact frequency, not only can hit the pile, but also can pull the pile, is widely used in piling construction. There are two types of diesel hammers, rod and cylinder, whose working principle is similar to that of diesel engine cylinder, and the piling efficiency is also higher, and it is also a more commonly used piling hammer. The weight of the pile hammer is an important parameter in piling construction. Pile driving should be done with heavy hammer, the drop distance should not be too large, so as not to crack the top of the pile, or make the top of the pile below 1/3 pile length range of horizontal cracks; light hammer heavy, hammering kinetic energy is mostly absorbed by the pile body, low efficiency, but also easy to break the pile head. Therefore, the hammer weight should be carefully selected according to the soil quality, pile weight and pile type. In order to avoid horizontal displacement of the pile by the later pile, the pile driving order should be arranged reasonably. For multiple rows of piles, the direction of advancement can be changed row by row; for the same row of piles, the piles can be jumped at intervals; for large area piling, the piles are generally driven from the middle first and gradually advanced to the surrounding area.


Vibration method


When piling, a high-powered vibrating pile driver is installed on top of the pile to reduce the resistance of the foundation soil to the pile by using the vibrating force. It is very efficient for piling in sandy soil, and can also be used for sinking and pulling steel sheet piles and steel pipe piles.


Water Injection Method


Also known as water injection pile sinking method. It is an auxiliary method to hammering and vibration method. It uses high-pressure water flow to loosen the soil around the pile tip by means of a water jet pipe installed on the side of the pile or in the hollow pile to reduce the resistance of the pile to sinking. It is generally used in sandy soil layer with high efficiency. When the pile tip sinks to about 1 to 1.5 meters from the design elevation, the water injection should be stopped and the pile should be sunk to the design elevation by hammering method or vibration method.


Pile Pressing Method


The pile is pressed into the soil by skid steering with the help of the self-weight of the pile frame and the pressure weight on the pile frame. This method can reduce the noise and vibration of hammering or vibrating piles to the foundation soil and adjacent buildings, and is suitable for soft and homogeneous ground. In sandy soils and other hard soils, it is not suitable due to excessive resistance. Due to the limitation of the height of the press pile frame, each pile needs to be pressed in sections, so there are more joints. The new technique of using sulfur cement as the cementing agent for pile jointing has been successfully and popularized.


What if I don't know the source of ground water for drilling?

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You can use pqwt ground water detector. pqwt new generation ground water detector is easy to carry, easy to operate, automatic map formation, high accuracy, and its equipment has won many invention patents and software copyrights.


Ground water detector used by the principle of electric detection method is divided into artificial electric field method and self (natural) electric field method. Artificial electric field includes DC power supply, excitation, controlled source and other professional methods, these methods are mostly used in various large geological census projects, involving thousands of lines and points, but it is quite inconvenient to use, especially to carry the power supply device, often requires a lot of manual labor.


The natural electric field method has gradually matured after decades of research and application. It also requires people who are looking for water to have a lot of practical experience in the local environment, lithology, and has been well analysis in order to say white hair a hundred times.