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Heating pipe leak detection method introduction

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-29      Origin: PQWT

The north into the winter, many families in order to family winter can be more comfortable, are installed heaters to heat. But if the phenomenon of water leakage in the use of heating pipes must be dealt with in a timely manner, then the heating pipe leakage how to do? Let's take a look at the introduction of the editor.

pipe leak detector

The lack of hot water in the heating pipes, we must replenish the cold water, so that the pipe network system to maintain a certain pressure, the more hot water released, the water temperature in the pipe network will drop rapidly, resulting in lower indoor temperatures. Friends who use steel heating should pay attention to closing the valve in time when the heating is stopped, so that the heating is filled with water, which can prolong the service life.

Heating pipes are prone to problems after a period of inactivity, and it is best to keep people at home at the beginning of the heating period to pay attention to whether the pipes are running, bubbling, dripping or leaking, so that they can be solved in time. Once you encounter a heater burst or a broken release valve, you should immediately plug the crack with thick towels, rags, etc. Residents who have split their homes immediately close their own valves.

After stopping the heating, heating users should also not drain the water from the heater and pipes. This is because the water in the heater and pipes is softened water with anti-corrosion treatment, which can effectively isolate the air from the corrosion of the heater and pipes and can extend the service life of the heater and pipes. In addition, it should be reminded that it is best not to modify the heating pipeline within a week after the heating ends, because most of the pipelines will have residual water left in them, which can cause leakage if you are not careful and bring unnecessary trouble to yourself and your neighbors.

The installation of heaters are arranged in a position that is conducive to indoor heating, which can ensure air convection and relatively even indoor temperature in all places, once the position is changed it will cause an imbalance of indoor temperature. On the other hand, once the pipes and heaters are moved, it is very easy for leaks to occur, causing unnecessary damage.

The problem of how to do with a leaking heater pipe should help to analyze the specific problem, after all, the reason why the occupants have a leak when using the heater pipe is different, and the analysis should be based on the cause of the leak. Usually when using the heater should also pay attention to do a good job of maintenance, which is to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Heating business leak detection is currently the main use of pipe leak detector, leak detector, or called pressure pipe leak tester is better, the principle is that "when a leak, pressure water from the pipe crack outward injection, due to the pressure of water and the mouth rupture gap between the friction and vibration will cause injection noise. It will spread along the pipe to both sides and spread to the ground in a diffusive way." The purpose of finding the leak is to detect the leak by using the sensor of the detection instrument above the road surface of the pipe.

pipe leak detector

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