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  How to check the floor heating pipe leaks? How to operate the pipe leak detector

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-19      Origin: PQWT

Water heating system is recognized as the most comfortable way of heating, which takes hot water with temperature not higher than 60℃ as the heat medium, circulates in the heating pipes buried in the filling layer below the ground, heats the whole floor, and provides heat to the room by means of radiation and convection heat transfer through the ground, a kind of floor heating. Because it is buried under the ground, there are some limitations in the use of floor heating, such as: it is difficult to detect leaks and repair water leaks in floor heating. In this article, I will tell the user how to check the floor heating leak, how to determine the location of the floor heating leak.

Underfloor heating leak how to check - pressure test to detect whether the leak

pipe leak detector

The best way to determine whether the floor heating leaks is to redo a pressure test. When the floor heating is installed, you must do a pressure test: close the main valve of the floor heating, use a manual pressurizer to pressurize the floor heating, pressurize 8 to 10 kg when waiting for half an hour, if the pressure can be maintained without falling, it means that the heating pipe does not leak. If there is a leak, the leak will be obvious and the pressure will be difficult to maintain for a longer period of time.

1、Observe the change of pressure gauge

Under normal circumstances, if it is determined that there is a leak in the floor heating, the pressure gauge will generally drop in a short period of time, when it is determined that it is a slow leak, the first thing is to let the pipe stop running, after the floor heating surface cools down, after the pressure is injected with hot water to close the valve of each way on the manifold respectively, the pressure gauge is observed to determine that the pressure gauge has not changed.

2、Determine the water leakage circuit

Open the valve of each circuit separately, observe which circuit has the phenomenon of pressure drop, generally the circuit with obvious pressure drop is the leaky circuit. After determining the leakage circuit, the circuit without leakage all closed, and then inject water into the floor heating pipes, the water temperature to the highest temperature, the floor heating water circulation.

At this time, the pressure gauge will gradually decrease, when heating, pay attention to maintain the pressure value of the floor heating pipes, there are leaks in the floor heating circuit to start, and then followed by the use of infrared thermometer for the temperature measurement of the ground surface. Initial measurement, it will be found that the ground surface will have a certain temperature difference, this temperature difference, generally in the form of a line, that is, the installation of floor heating pipe laying direction.

4、Determine the leakage point

With the extension of time, the surface temperature gradually rises, determine a good leak pipe temperature will rise very high, in the leak point will form a peak, where the leak point temperature will be much higher than the temperature value of other parts of the pipe. When a good leak point area is identified, the center point should be determined, generally the location of the center of the leak point is usually the highest temperature, according to which the user can roughly determine the center of the leak, and then a small area of ground excavation can be carried out to check and repair the floor heating pipe.

Pipe leak detection work is mainly to use the sound leak detection method, the majority of the pipe leak detector used is also based on the detection of pipe leak sound. Due to the complexity of the underground pipe network and pipe sound transmission performance and many other factors, so the leak detection work requires a wealth of field experience and advanced pipe leak detector equipment to do guarantee. For some special cases, you can also use the gas tracer method, ground-penetrating radar method, infrared thermometry and other methods of pipeline leakage detection.

The first generation of leak detection equipment mainly has a listening rod and listening cake, these purely mechanical equipment is simple to use and convenient.

The second generation of leak detection equipment mainly has electronic leak detector, these devices have increased the sound electronic amplification filter and other functions.

Floor heating business leak detection is currently mainly used in the pipeline leak detector, leak detector, or called pressure pipe leak tester is better, the principle is that "when a leak, pressure water from the pipe crack outward injection, due to pressure water and the friction between the mouth rupture gap and vibration will cause injection noise. It will spread along the pipe to both sides and diffusive way to the ground up" with the detection of pipeline leak detector sensors in the pipeline above the road surface to detect, to find the purpose of the leak.

pipe leak detector

Hunan Puchi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of pipeline leak detection equipment and urban pipeline loss reduction. In the new generation of underground pressure pipeline leak detection equipment research and development of independent core leak detection technology has attracted great attention in the industry, pipeline leak detection series of pipeline leak detector has applied for a number of inventions, utility models, the formation of their own unique technical characteristics and advantages.