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How to deal with slippage of drilling rig

Views: 16     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-09      Origin: PQWT

Small drilling rig slippage treatment: I build folding drilling rig, small drilling rig, automatic drilling rig, etc. for you.

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(1) Even if the phenomenon of folding drilling rig slippage can be handled, after the second drilling of the small drilling rig, first determine the thickness of the dropped residue by the data on the display of the automatic drilling rig, after which it depends on the softness of the dropped geology, if there is a lot of dropped soil and hard colluvium, then change a folding drilling rig bucket that is smaller than the diameter of the pile to solve the slippage, because of the small diameter folding drilling rig There is a large gap between the bucket and the hole wall, the fallen soil in the folding drilling rig drill pipe bucket weight and added pressure, through the gap between the small drilling rig bucket and the hole wall is squeezed to the side, small diameter small drilling rig bucket contact with the solid soil will be able to drill normally, when the small drilling rig small bucket is lifted, the virtual soil squeezed to the side falls into the small diameter hole, did not fall into the small hole of the residue is the second down After drilling, the large diameter mini drilling rig bucket is squeezed into the small hole, so that the large diameter mini drilling rig bucket can drill normally.

(2) If the fallen sludge is soft mud, good compressibility, then there is no need for automatic drilling rig bucket, repeated manipulation of pressure and automatic drilling rig power head reversing positive rotation, because the automatic drilling rig power head and automatic drilling rig drill pipe has a gap between each section of the automatic drilling rig drill pipe also has a gap between, although at this time the automatic drilling rig drilling slippage, but the drilling folding drilling rig rod and folding drilling rig Drilling bucket weight is resistance, so quickly reverse the positive rotation of the folding drilling rig drill pipe, using the gap will be able to generate impact, impact encountered folding drilling rig drill pipe bucket weight will be able to generate resistance, with resistance, with resistance there is a reaction force, with the reaction force has friction, then the pressure can be instantly transferred to the interlayer of the virtual soil, to compress the fallen soil, so that the soil From the gap between the folding drilling rig bucket and the hole wall extrusion up, as well as into the bucket part, know the bucket teeth to contact the real soil normal drilling until, must remember to reverse the positive rotation, pressurization in front of to transfer the pressurization instantly.

(3) Bucket bottom closing

If the single bucket is too deep, the bucket of the folding drilling rig is full of soil at this time, and there is nowhere to accommodate the soil that is being cut to continue drilling, so it will be pushed in front of the bucket of the folding drilling rig and the bucket teeth at the slag inlet. The height of the bucket teeth is equal to the height of the bucket teeth of the folding drilling rig, and it forms one piece! At this time, the folding rig bucket teeth have lost their cutting effect, and the folding rig bucket cannot continue drilling under the lubrication of mud or water, therefore: when reversing to close the bucket bottom, the folding rig bucket bottom at this time has no resistance, so the folding rig bucket bottom will reverse with the folding rig bucket and cannot be closed.

(4) Slag falls out

After the reversal, the main volume is lifted. When the mini drilling rig bucket is lifted in mud or water, the mud or water has a certain resistance, and this resistance will produce a downward force on the slag in the mini drilling rig bucket. So not every time the bottom of the small drilling rig bucket is not closed slag can fall out.

ground water detector

The most important thing is to find the source of ground water by using the pqwt ground water detector, which is a new multi-channel electric exploration instrument based on the principle of natural electric field frequency selection method, and is widely used in the exploration and census of ground water sources, geological structures, veins, mining channels, cavities, caves, anthills, mining areas, dams, pipe surges, landslides and other fields. The series of instruments are integrated with 5 general-purpose instruments. This series of instruments integrates five patented technologies of Puchi's own invention, including data acquisition system, data processing system, automatic map-forming system, auxiliary analysis system and circuit system.

ground water detector

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