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How to find leaks in floor heating in your home

Views: 1     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-31      Origin: PQWT

Since underfloor heating is buried underground, there are some limitations to the use of underfloor heating, such as: underfloor heating leaks are difficult to detect leaks and difficult to repair. When we see an underfloor heating leak, a simple and straightforward way to deal with it is to close the inlet and return valves, which can remedy the damage in time and will not cause other equipment to be affected by the incoming water.

pipe leak detector

How to find water leaks in home floor heating gas?

1、Observe the change of pressure gauge

Under normal circumstances, if a leak occurs in the floor heating piping, the pressure gauge will decrease in pressure within a short period of time. When a slow leak is identified, first stop the piping, wait for the floor heating surface to cool, then inject hot water into the pressure, close the valves on the manifold respectively, and observe the pressure gauge to make sure the gauge has not changed.

2、Determine the leak point

With the extension of time, the surface temperature gradually increases, determine the leak pipe temperature will rise very high, in the leak point will form a peak, where the leak point temperature will be much higher than the temperature value of the rest of the pipe.

After determining the leak point of the floor heating pipe, the focus of the determination is that the general location of the center of the leak point is usually the highest temperature, according to which the user can roughly determine the center of the leak point, and then carry out a small area of ground excavation to repair the floor heating piping system.

Heating business leak detection is currently mainly used by the leak detector, pipe leak detector, or called pressure pipe leak tester is better, the principle is that "when a leak, pressure water from the pipe crack outward injection, due to the pressure of water and the friction between the rupture gap between the pipe mouth and the vibration will cause injection noise. It will spread along the pipe to both sides and spread to the ground in a diffusive way." The sensor of the detection instrument is used to detect above the road surface of the pipe to find the leak.

pipe leak detector

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