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Large pig farm using pqwt natural electric field ground water detector drilling well to find water case

Views: 14     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-05      Origin: PQWT

Location: Qiyang County, Yongzhou, Hunan


Instrument used: Puqi natural electric field ground water detector


This is a large pig farm in Qiyang County, invested and built by Hunan Agricultural Development Group, with an annual stocking capacity of 120,000 heads and a daily sewage treatment capacity of 1,200 tons, with a total investment of 360 million RMB. Due to the large amount of water, the pig farm needs to meet the daily water requirement of 2,000 square meters, midway several drilling teams to the farm to drill wells, either because the amount of water can not meet the requirements, or simply no water, many dry holes.


After we arrived at the site, we observed the local topography in detail to understand the geological situation. The area is dolomite and tuff, and the lava is relatively well developed, but since no well can be drilled within the red line of the construction planning of the pig farm, we could only choose the vacant area around the pig farm for measurement.


We first did some measurement work on the target target area and found that the situation was not as satisfactory as we expected. On the first day we did not find a relatively satisfactory area for setting wells, and since the water volume requirement for a single well was relatively large, we had concerns that the water volume would not meet the requirement in several places we selected on the first day. On the second day we continued our search and finally found a relatively large structure at the left edge of the pig farm gate, and after parallel wiring measurements we finally determined the direction of the structure and determined the well location.

 ground water detector

ground water detector

ground water detector

The ground water detector combined with the data, curve and profile, we finally determined that points 11~15 were fault structures, and we set the measurement depth to 300m, point distance 2.5m, and parallel distance 15m between measurement line 1 and measurement line 2. The anomalies were verified to be in the vicinity of this point. The well was finally located at point 13, and the water volume in the final hole of 300 meters reached nearly 500 square meters, which fully proved the accuracy of the pqwt natural electric field explorer in finding water, and the exploration results and analysis conclusions were basically the same, which solved the water problem for the pig farm and won the trust and benefit for the drilling and construction side.