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The application and advantages of buried pipeline leak detector

Views: 5     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-06-21      Origin: Site


With the development of modern cities, the use of various pipelines is becoming more and more widespread. However, as the pipelines are buried underground, once there is a leak, it will not only cause a waste of water resources, but also may bring pollution and safety hazards to the environment. Therefore, an efficient pipeline leak detection method is particularly important.

In recent years, buried pipeline leak detector as an emerging detection means, gradually received attention. The detector is mainly through the sound, gas and other ways to detect pipeline leaks and output the corresponding signal, can achieve rapid location of buried pipeline leaks and timely repair.

Its core technology includes acoustic wave propagation, electrical distribution, etc. By arranging sensors on the ground surface, the detector senses the acoustic and electrical signals generated by the leak when detecting pipeline leaks and converts them into digital signals for processing. The obtained results can be displayed by means of a display or an indicator light, etc., to facilitate the operator's judgment and processing.

Compared with the traditional manual inspection methods, buried pipeline leak detector has the following advantages:

1. Efficient and fast: the detector can be continuously monitored in a short period of time to avoid missed inspections and missed judgments.

2. High accuracy: the detector can accurately locate the leak location, improve processing efficiency.

3. Save time and effort: the detector does not require manual handling and operation, reducing the intensity of work.

4. Reduce human interference: the detector can automatically record data and analysis, avoiding interference from human factors.

In summary, buried pipeline leak detector is an efficient, accurate, time-saving and labor-saving means of detection, which is important for safeguarding the safety of urban environment and water resources.