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The causes and treatment of water leakage in the family house

Views: 4     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-23      Origin: PQWT

The bathroom is the most water-intensive place in the house, if the pipes and waterproofing are not handled well, the water will seep into the walls, and in serious cases, even to the downstairs tenants' homes, affecting the downstairs decoration, but also affect the normal life downstairs.

pipe leak detector

Bathroom leaks for a variety of reasons, the first time the bathroom leak should be the first to find the cause of the leak, to find the cause of the right remedy to solve the problem of bathroom leaks seepage. Many people worry about bathroom leaks will only smash the brick to repair, in fact, not really, no smash brick is also able to repair the bathroom leak problem.

A, the common causes of bathroom leaks (leak detection)

1. Plumbing leaks (hidden pipe leaks)

Pipe leakage is one of the main reasons for water leakage in the bathroom, pipe leakage is also divided into inlet pipe leakage, drain leakage. (Pipe leak detection method is generally empirical judgment + pressure judgment).

① Intake pipe leakage

All the pipes connected to the municipal water supply network belong to the inlet pipe. For example, if there are floor heating pipes, cold water pipes, hot water pipes, the water pressure standard of the inlet pipe should be no less than 0.16 MPa. Therefore, once a leak occurs somewhere in the inlet pipe, there will be 16 kg of pressure continuously discharged from the seepage. Therefore, if you want to determine whether the inlet pipe is leaking, we must look at the water leakage watermark situation, such as today look at a small point, tomorrow look at the size of the bowl, and then the day after tomorrow look at the larger, then this is the inlet pipe leakage; In addition, if the sink, shower, basin triangle valve location has a small amount of standing water, wipe clean, soon after, then also the inlet pipe leakage; the real reason is the 16 kg of pressure constantly outward squeezing water leads to.

② drainage pipe leakage

Drainage pipe generally refers to the water pipe and sewage pipe wall in the bathroom, the water pipe wall in the bathroom, the floor drain pipe, the water pipe wall in the washing machine has a rupture, the drainage pipe connection has fallen off off and other reasons caused by the leakage. General drain leakage is mainly caused by the quality of the pipe or floor drain, bathroom, pipe connection is not standardized, installation did not do a good job of sealing and other reasons. The general performance is leaking when using water, not leaking when not using water.

③Leakage in the main pipe

If the home regardless of the inlet pipe, drainage pipe, waterproof layer are tested without problems, then be sure to see whether the main water pipe leaks, if found that the main water pipe leaks, you can find a professional master repair.

④Leakage of water separating pipe

If you find water leaking from the top of the packing riser, it is likely to be leaking from the upper layer, or it may be leaking from the upper layer, and then the water seeps down the pipe. If you find water leaking from the bottom of the packing riser, it is likely that water is leaking from the upper layer down, or it may be leaking from your own home.

2. Leakage of waterproofing layer in bathroom

①What is the waterproof layer?

As the name implies, waterproofing is a layer of material set up to prevent water from seeping into floors, walls and other locations. Waterproof layer rupture leads to water leakage, as shown in the figure below.

②Common causes of broken waterproofing

The first point:waterproofing layer is not really done well, such as before construction did not do a good job of grassroots treatment, or that the waterproofing materials used are inferior materials, as well as the use of non-standard products lead to late waterproofing layer rupture.

The second point:waterproofing layer is done, due to cross-construction led to the original waterproofing layer was accidentally destroyed by the construction staff.

The third point: building settlement led to damage to the waterproofing layer, this situation is generally rare.

Second, how to find out the leak

1、Pipe leakage

pipe leak detector

Use PQWT  pipe leak detector, the instrument is through the sensor will leak the sound signal collection, the collected signal through the host processing, to visualize the spectrum and signal column displayed on the host screen, while the sound will also be output through the host to the headphones, through the "listen", "see "The combination of two ways to analyze and judge the water leakage point. Therefore water leak detector is currently the most widely used on the market, the best detection effect of the equipment.

2、Waterproof layer leaks

pipe leak detector

The use of pqwt waterproof detector, the working principle of the instrument: through the wall, ground, roof seepage of water as a medium, the use of waterproof detector to detect the strength of the conductivity of the seepage area, when close to the leak point, the instrument interface value increases, the beeping sound to strengthen, thus accurately determine the location of water leaks. The equipment is mainly used in houses, walls, floors and other water leakage can effectively provide a basis for waterproofing work to carry out the diagnosis.

Second, the bathroom water leakage solutions

1, the waterproofing layer leaks if the waterproofing layer leaks, to knock out the original tiles to do grass-roots cleaning, and then mix a good cement mortar coated in the ground to do waterproofing treatment. But the height of the waterproof wall should be controlled at about 30cm, not too high and not too low, so as not to affect the waterproofing effect.

2, bathroom waterproofing layer leaks if the bathroom waterproofing layer leaks, you can not knock the tiles, only the surface of the bathroom coated with a new penetrating waterproofing agent, so that water does not enter the ground, directly from the waterway, thus playing a waterproof, leak repair.

3, water pipe leaks if the water pipe leaks, and the water pipe is on the ground, knock off the tiles to repair or replace the leaking water pipe. If the water pipe leaks, be sure to find the specific location of the leak, and then determine the extent of knocking off the tile according to the situation, it is not necessary to knock off all.

4, ceiling damp-proof bathroom environment is relatively humid, the ceiling is often surrounded by moisture, so in the repair to consider replacing the ceiling with a good waterproof PVC fasteners, and then installed on the keel to cover the pipe, so that both good-looking and can play the effect of moisture return.

5, ground water pipe leakage if the ground water pipe leakage, to first shave the floor tiles, and then find the location of the water pipe leakage, and then seal the treatment with products. If there is a crack in the water pipe itself, it is necessary to replace the water pipe again, and so on after the treatment to re-bury the water pipe concealed, repair the waterproof layer within the range and restore the floor tiles.