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Three traditional methods of drilling wells to find out the source of underground water

Views: 159     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-15      Origin: PQWT

Water is the source of life, especially fresh water resources are priceless, the seventies and eighties in rural areas, people in order to eat clean water, are in the village well, people will use leisure troughs, with buckets to pick water to eat, and so on when the groundwater is more abundant, with drilling equipment to make a three or four meters, you can see the water, but if the point back, even if you play ten meters, there is no water, so the well-drilling people must be able to find the water veins, only in the water veins The only way to get water is to spell on the water veins, so how to find the water veins?

ground water detector

1、By geographical location

As we all know, the flow of water to the lot, as the saying goes, "a handful of land, find the most favorable water", that is, a small handful of land on three sides of the mountain, due to the low-lying terrain, groundwater will be concentrated on the flow of a mouth, in a well near the mouth, there is a chance of water; "two ditches intersect, spring water" , that is, two ditches intersect under the mouth of the mountain, there may be standing water, because the source of groundwater is mainly rainwater, after partial transpiration, part of it will seep into the ground and accumulate in the cracks in the soil and rocks, forming groundwater, so it is easy to encounter water veins when drilling wells here.

2、Check the grass and trees nearby

We will find that there is a water source trees and plants will be lush, this is also because the groundwater source closer to the ground, especially in places rich in crops, the richer the groundwater source, the more lush the crops, often at the same time planted other crops are also mature, this area is still growing vigorously, in this place to drill a well, basically hit the water veins, this is also the most common method of drilling wells in the ground, older.

3, winter and summer to see the ground freezing and thawing

We know that in the past, the rural winter draught, well water is not cold and pungent, but smoking "hot", in the summer, the water is getting cooler and cooler, we can use this phenomenon to capture information, because the groundwater four or five meters from the ground, so in the winter, the ice in the depression will be very thin, because the temperature of the groundwater at about 15 ℃, just like the fire baked ground Like that, so the freezing is thinner, while in summer, due to the heat, there is a thin layer of water or dampness in the morning and evening, and there are underground rivers of heat and monsoon, in these places to drill wells, basically you can hit the water veins.

By experience to determine whether there is water underground is not scientific, the same piece of land, there is water here, no water at intervals are very normal things, then you can use the water finder to determine the water source, and can locate the depth of water, so as to solve the problem of finding water difficult.

ground water detector

At present, the main method of physical prospecting to find water is the electric method of exploration. Electrical exploration methods are divided into artificial electric field method and since (natural) natural electric field method. Each method has its own applicable conditions and interference factors, must be selected according to local conditions. Our research institute engaged in many years of water research, the more in the poor water area interference factors, the use of pqwt natural electric field ground water detector to find water on the aquifer is the strongest discriminatory ability, than any other methods are much better results!

Hunan Puqi geological exploration equipment research institute, is engaged in geological survey water instrumentation equipment research professional institutions, and with the HIT to jointly undertake the "national thirteenth five-year water special research project" pqwt new generation of physical ground water detector with easy to carry, simple operation, automatic map, high accuracy Features, its equipment has won a number of invention patents and software copyrights.

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