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Underground pipeline detection instruments: Discovering energy networks in invisible view

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-15      Origin: Site


Underground pipes are an integral part of urban life, yet the locations of underground pipes are often not known. This poses a great challenge to urban construction. How to find underground pipelines accurately, efficiently and safely has become a challenge that must be faced in geographic survey work.

Underground pipeline detection instrumentation was born, and this technology is increasingly valued for its accuracy, speed and economy in underground exploration and finding pipelines. Underground pipeline detection instrument is the use of physical signals through the underground material to detect and derive the underground pipeline location, depth, direction and other parameters of the device. It is mainly composed of probes, instrument body, underground image analysis software, etc.

In the detection process, the first need for good ground preparation, the ground will be clean, eliminate interference factors. Next, the detection instrument will be placed on the ground, start the system to detect. The detection instrument will send out signals such as magnetic field, electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic waves, etc., which are conducted through the underground material to the underground pipeline and bounce back, and are captured by the probe and transmitted to the instrument body through signal processing. Finally, the use of underground image analysis software to process and interpret the data to derive the location and parameters of the pipeline.

Underground pipeline detection instruments have many advantages, such as its high accuracy, real-time and convenience. Using such instruments can speed up exploration work and reduce unnecessary damage and loss. In addition, the underground pipeline detection instrument has benefits on three levels: environmental, economic and human. It can avoid damage to already existing pipes during underground excavation, reduce the volume of waste, and also reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Although the price of underground pipeline detection instruments in the market is relatively high, but with the progress of science and technology and the increase in social demand, this equipment will become more mature, and the scope of application will become more and more extensive.