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3 misconceptions of pipe leakage

Views: 0     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-25      Origin: PQWT

Underground water supply network due to the quality of construction, underground long-term corrosion, foundation subsidence or pipeline is not up to standard, the resulting leakage is common, pipe network leakage not only causes a large amount of finished water white-out, and is bound to increase economic losses, fire pipeline leakage more security risks, so what are the pipeline leakage misconceptions

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Myth No. 1, the ground will leak back from the pipeline, direct excavation is the point of leakage, there is no leakage without backwater.

Whether the ground backwater and leakage point orientation, road media and other factors have a great relationship, many times a large leaky pipe will not show signs of leakage. And water will flow after leaking from the pipe, the location of the ground backwater is basically not the location of the leak.

Myth two, newly laid pipes will not leak, only old pipes will leak.

Long-term burial, overdue service is likely to lead to the old pipeline is corroded, leaking, but the newly laid pipeline due to soft pipe slot, pipe quality, pipe construction and other factors, but also prone to leakage. Especially PE pipes, in the first two years of new burial due to hot fusion mouth cracking and other reasons lead to pipeline leakage.

Myth three, the pipeline is buried deep, leaks will not produce any major problems, and buried deep pipe leaks can not be detected.

Regardless of the buried pipe depth, water leakage will not only waste valuable resources, but also leave safety hazards. Advanced technology and extensive experience make it possible to detect water leaks in deeply buried pipes.

How to solve a pipe leak

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Only through professional and technical personnel using the pqwt pipe leak detector, the underground water supply network can be tested in all aspects to solve the problem of water leakage, and taking the initiative to carry out pipe network leakage detection is an important way to reduce pipeline leakage.