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Water Pipe Leakage Treatment

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In daily life, water pipe leakage is a common and headache problem. Whether it is a sewer pipe, water pipe fitting, PPR plastic water pipe or iron water pipe, once a leak occurs, it will not only cause inconvenience in life, but also may bring property damage. So, what should you do when you encounter a water pipe leak?


How to find water pipe leaks

There are many kinds of water leakage detection methods, for example, there are regional installed meter method, listening to the sound method, sound vibration method, infrared method, tracer element method, related signal detection and buried medium change detection method. Any kind of detection method is essentially to detect the leakage triggered by some kind of effect, corresponding to the more obvious effect of the detection of the more simple. Currently widely used application methods for listening to the sound method, acoustic vibration method.

When the water supply pipeline leakage, water under pressure to escape will produce a noise, this noise will spread along the pipeline to both sides, or along the medium spread to the ground, pipeline leak detector is through the pickup of this leakage sound, and converted to electrical signals, after the corresponding amplification and digital filtering to determine the exact location of the leakage point. This is the traditional acoustic detection method for water leakage detection. In the area of 2m in diameter, the exact location can be determined directly by listening to the leak tube. The sound heard is the clattering sound of water flowing out of the ruptured water pipe.

First, the treatment of downpipe leakage

1. If the downpipe is made of PVC, you can buy a new PVC water pipe, cut the damaged one, and put the interface into the end of the pipe first, so that the other end of the cut position and the interface of the other mouth flush, and then directly to this end to send, so that the two ends of the cross followed by the distance (length), and finally dismantle it, and use PVC glue on the inner side of the two ends of the direct and two downpipe Finally, disassemble it and apply PVC glue to the inside of both ends of the direct pipe and the outside of both downspouts.

2. You can also buy waterproof tape to repair the downpipe, wrap the tape around the leakage port, and then use mortar waterproofing agent and cement can be smeared.

Second, the water pipe joint leakage treatment method

If the water pipe joint leaks, in addition to replacing the new one, you can also use tape, raw material tape, etc. to repair. Such as silk mouth leakage can be removed from the interface, replace the rubber gasket or install a new rubber gasket, and then coated with thick white paint and hemp wire after reinstallation. For PPR plastic water pipe joint leakage can also be used in a similar way to repair.

Water Pipe Leakage Treatment

Third, iron water pipe leakage treatment method

For iron water pipe leakage, according to different situations using different treatment methods. If only part of the location of the damage, you can replace the location of the water pipe; if it is due to overall corrosion, you need to change the section of the water pipe as a whole. When dealing with the need to close the main valve of the water pipe, the section of the water pipe sawed off and cleaned up, and then coated with special glue on the port, connect the joints can be.

Fourth, the treatment of water pipe leakage in the wall

Leaking pipes in the wall need to chisel the wall in order to find the leaks and carry out thorough repairs. This time you need to ask a professional repair company to repair. After the repair is completed, then restore the wall to its original state.

In order to avoid the inconvenience and property loss caused by water pipe leakage, we should regularly check and maintain the water pipe in our daily life, and replace the aging and broken water pipe in time. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the rational use of water resources, to avoid excessive pressure on water pipes caused by turning on or off the faucet for a long time. If you encounter water pipe leakage problems, you can choose the appropriate treatment method to repair according to the specific situation. If you can't solve the problem by yourself, you must contact a professional repair company to repair it in time.