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4 causes of pipe leaks

Views: 57     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-05-28      Origin: pqwt

Leak detection whether it is the pipeline at home, or large outdoor network, water leakage occurs from time to time, but what exactly are the causes of water leakage? Ltd. engineers, with years of experience in detection and construction, a brief chat.

 pipe leak detector

1, construction and installation problems


This part is mainly in the welding, connection, bonding and other processing, no construction in place, coupled with the late pressure is not in place, the leak was not found


Whether it is PPR pipe, PVC pipe, galvanized steel pipe, PE pipe, ductile iron pipe, steel pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, etc., the construction process, a slight inadvertence may cause water leakage, so the late pressurization process is very important


2, man-made damage


This caused by many factors, may be tiled accidentally touched, or gravity smashed, or road construction, trenching and so can use to large construction equipment in the environment, due to unclear or brutal construction, resulting in construction machinery for the pipeline breakage


3, quality problems


Some pipes or fittings, the quality of the factory may not be good, with a few years of aging leaks, but also some improper storage, causing premature aging of pipes or fittings, such problems, a little attention before the installation can basically be avoided


4, natural causes


The main reason is the foundation sinking, side slip, natural corrosion, etc. Ductile iron pipe is installed as socket interface, rubber ring connection, once when the side slip or sinking, the uneven force of the pipe will lead to the displacement of the rubber ring, resulting in leakage, then for flexible pipes, PE pipe in the foundation sinking, if there are stones and other hard objects below the extrusion will also cause leakage. Corrosion, such as steel pipe buried in the ground, is generally required to paint anti-corrosion, with the natural corrosion, resulting in rust and corrosion, the existence of cracks in the pipe, it will produce leaks.


Regardless of which situation caused by water leakage, found water leakage, need to be located in a timely manner, timely maintenance, here we recommend pqwt pipe leak detector for detection. Pipeline leak detection instrument is the principle of acoustic vibration, the pressure of the pipeline to squeeze out the water through the leakage point, the formation of leakage noise, the instrument sensor above the pipeline to amplify the leakage noise hundreds - thousands of times, on the one hand, through the headphones to listen to the sound of leakage, the sound is similar to tire deflation, on the other hand, through the spectrum to see, because the pipeline pressure is continuous, the leakage spectrum will remain high.

 pipe leak detector

You can detect the leak yourself with the help of pqwt pipe leak detector, which can also be called a pipe leak detector. Can capture the signal generated by the leak point, can be accurate to the leak point within 1-2 meters. As long as the water supply pipe is a certain water pressure of the water pipe, and the leak is a continuous spray leak can be found with a leak detection instrument to leak, leakage can not be accurately detected.