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5 dangers of leaking water pipes

Views: 8     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-04      Origin: PQWT

To solve the problem of leaking water pipes, we must first understand the type of water pipes, whether they are iron or plastic, and the extent of water pipe leaks:Some water pipes leak very little, some leak a lot, and sometimes the water pipe joints leak. Water pipes are an important building material to ensure that water is properly taken from the home. In daily life, improper use, or improper maintenance can lead to leaking or frozen water pipes, so what are the hazards of leaking water pipes? How to find out the leak point

pipe leak detector

1, leaking pipes can lead to urban water shortage is divided into three types of water shortage: water source type, engineering type and water quality type. Regardless of which type of water shortage, water pipe leaks will intensify the water shortage. China has a general water shortage, but the national pipeline leaks 10 billion tons of water per year.

2, Leaky pipes lead to higher water supply costs for water suppliers. In addition to the direct cost of producing and delivering water, water suppliers must also bear the cost of repairing the pipes due to leaks.

3, Leaky pipes can lead to water pollution. A leak means that the pipeline is no longer a closed system. When the pressure inside the pipe is low, when the water stops, the pollution outside the pipe will enter the pipe, and the special case of suction injection phenomenon will also pollute the water inside the pipe.

4, Pipeline leaks can lead to urban air collapse. Pipeline leaks can make the soil active. If there are drains on the left and nearby, the soil will be lost from time to time, the air will become bigger, and the air will collapse.

5. Leaky pipes lead to lower water supply pressure. Leaky pipes, i.e. pressure leaks, reduce the pressure of water supply required by customers. As cities grow, securing water supply pressure becomes more and more difficult, and leaking pipes complicate the management of water pressure in the pipeline network.

pipe leak detector

In short, if you encounter similar problems, you can use the PQWT pipe leak detector to find the pipe leaks. Generally speaking, the basic detection method is, connect the pipe leak detector good host, headphones, sensors. Turn on the switch, wear headphones, place the pipeline leak detector sensor on the road above the pipeline, place it step by step according to the length of the pace, step by step listening, the closer to the leak, the stronger the signal, the farther away from the leak the weaker the signal, by comparing the signal strength between different points to achieve the purpose of detecting leaks. Therefore, we use the pipeline leak detector, a single point in the leak signal is not meaningful, to repeatedly compare multiple points, compare the sound vibration of the larger place is the leak, of course, we have to consider many other additional factors, such as the direction of the leak breakage mouth, because the pipe is round, if the side of the leak, the larger point may instead be on the side of the road above the pipe, rather than The road above the pipeline, so the location of the pipeline to know, in addition to the tee, bend, water pressure, burial depth, buried layer, etc. will have an impact on the detection to take these into account.