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5 kinds of water pipe leak solution

Views: 18     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-23      Origin: PQWT

For home improvement, pipe leaks are more trouble, because the pipes are in the wall or under the floor, which requires smashing the floor, or destroy the wall, in short, will be the hard work of renovating a good home again to destroy, not only let people wasted effort, but also loss of money, so the general requirements of the plumbing are relatively high, but inevitably encounter water pipe leaks, so how to do water pipes pipe leaks? I will take a look below.

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5 kinds of plumbing pipe leakage solutions.


1Water pipe leakage in the wall


There are many kinds of water pipe leaks, water leaks in the wall is a serious do trouble. The general reason for leaking water pipes in the wall is that the water pipes are old or encounter any situation that makes the water pipes unbearable and leads to breakage.


Use a little cement and water, mixed into a paste into the seam, and so the cement does not seep in, and immediately mix some slightly thicker cement to the seam putty, putty two times with a thicker cement in the ground (wall) surface paste layer can be, and so the cement dry and then try over water. Very serious situation, then you have to chisel the wall to find out the leak of water pipes.


2Iron water pipe leakage


If the two-centimeter diameter water pipe leaks, but part of the location is not bad, to turn off the main valve of the main water pipe, cut the water pipe at the location of the leak, find an apparatus to cut the silk buckle, in the interface can be connected.


Two centimeters in diameter iron water pipe leakage, the overall water pipe rust caused by the first turn off the main water valve, the entire section of the rusted water pipe to take, both ends set on the screw buckle screw on.


If it is twenty centimeters in diameter iron water pipe leaks, the body of the pipe problems, then you need to use the welding method, that is, grinding, looking for a piece of iron plate can fit with the water pipe reinforcement after welding repair leaks. If it is the connection head in addition to the problem directly change the joint part can be.


3Bath tub water pipe leakage


It may be the part of the water outlet and bathtub combined with the open glue, resulting in leakage, carefully check, re-glue with waterproof universal glue for a week, and so dry and cracked tightly before use. The solution is to dry the water outlet with a dry towel and seal it with glass glue.


It may be that the downspout is broken accidentally when cleaning the blockage, check carefully and replace the downspout.


The sewer pipe is aged and the weather is cold, so it naturally freezes and cracks, causing water seepage. Check carefully and replace the downpipe.


The waterproofing layer on the floor was aging, causing leakage, and was partially re-waterproofed after identification.


The downpipe is not completely inserted into the drainage pipe from the ground under the bathtub, resulting in leakage, the solution is to lift the bathtub and insert the downpipe on it.


4Sink outlet leakage


Solution: If you encounter the sink spout leakage, usually speaking, is the sink inside the shaft gasket wear, need to replace the new shaft gasket. Use a pair of pliers to turn the gland loose and take it off, take out the shaft gasket with a clamp, and replace it with a new shaft gasket.


5Water leakage at the joint of the sink receiver


Solution: The sink receiver joint leakage may be the faucet cover type nut loose, re-tethering cover type nut or replace a new U-shaped gasket can be solved.



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As a homeowner, it is important to pay attention to the performance of your plumbing. The presence of any of the above conditions could indicate a leak, which could lead to more serious water damage down the road. If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, a musty smell around your drains, changes in water flow or other warning signs, you can purchase a pqwt pipe leak detector for testing. A pipe leak detector can easily help identify leaks in pipes and fixtures. The principle is that "pipeline water under pressure from the leak point when the impact of the noise generated by the wall propagation along the pipe, or along the buried medium to the ground, through the sensor to amplify the leak noise to determine the leak point". The sensor of the detection instrument is used to detect above the road surface of the pipe to find the leak.