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6 steps for drilling for hot springs

Views: 519     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-04-24      Origin: PQWT

How drilling for hot springs, what steps are needed, the specific process is as follows.

1, in drilling for hot springs before the first to determine the location, because not all places just hit the hot springs well, drilling for hot springs is a huge project, the need for geological exploration, to ensure the smooth implementation of the drilling project, to know the underground geological situation, which can make the drilling speed becomes more After choosing a convenient location, we need to do physical prospecting.


2Physical prospecting, also known as geophysical probing, is mainly to detect the geological structure of the earth, in order to understand whether there are hot springs underground at the selected location. PQWT-GT Auto-analysis Geophysical Detector can be used to detect. For the results of physical exploration to arrange how to play. There are many specific methods, commonly used are duplex electric survey method, high-density electric survey method, vertical electric sounding, quadrupole symmetric profile method, joint profile method, excitation and excitation method, etc. Each method has its own applicable conditions and interference factors, and must be selected according to local conditions. Our research institute engaged in many years of water research, the more in the poor water areas, the more interference factors.

 analysis Geophysical Detector

3After the physical prospecting report comes out, we can clearly know from the physical prospecting report whether there is a water source underground, how high the temperature can reach, and how large the water flow is. Suitable for playing hot springs and other content. At the same time, we can also know the geological structure underneath. To find out the pressure, temperature, water level, flow rate and quality of the geothermal fluid, and to obtain the parameters for calculating and evaluating the geothermal resources, it is necessary to find out before drilling the well. The depth of the well should reach the bottom of the thermal reservoir or the deepest depth that can be reached by current technology.


4. After knowing the geological structure, we can choose to drill the well according to the temperature of the well we need. When we have done a good job of geothermal survey, we can make a specific implementation plan according to the actual situation of the preliminary survey and implement the drilling work mainly for geothermal energy development in the project area according to the design of the drilling structure. According to different types and uses of drilling for hot springs, we will propose a reasonable scientific exploitation plan, and we will anticipate the problems that may occur in the process of exploitation, and make a solution to choose a suitable location, suitable drill bit and drilling method. After that, we choose a reasonable drilling process for hot spring wells, including well design, bit and mud selection, drilling tool combination, drilling parameters, well slope control, mud treatment, core extraction, and accident prevention and treatment.


At this point we should note that the deeper the well, the larger the drilling rig used; and vice versa, the smaller the rig.


5. After selecting the drilling rig, it is time to start drilling. In the process of drilling, we should choose good measures for different strata. After the well is completed, it needs to be logged.


6Logging is a test of the water flow and temperature in the well after the well is drilled. It is also a criterion for scoring the well.