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7 Tips for Using a Pipe Leak Detector

Views: 6     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-09-01      Origin: PQWT

A leak detector is a special instrument used to find and determine the location of leaks in water supply pipes, and can also be used for leak detection in other pressure piping systems. When fluids in a pipe overflow under pressure, the resulting noise can propagate along the pipe, or along the buried medium to the ground. The following are some suggestions from Puchi Research Institute for those who have no experience in leak detection to use the sound wand or pipe leak detector for the first time.


1、For users with no experience in leak detection and no concept of underground leak sound, before using the pipe leak detector for the first time, you can place the rod tip of the listening stick or the sensor probe of the pipe leak detector on the tap pipe or on the ground nearby, unscrew the tap a little and experience the feeling of leak sound waves from the earpiece or headphones.

2, first must know the buried direction of the pipeline, can not aimlessly find.

3, to understand the pipeline is metal or plastic material, as well as the approximate depth of the buried pipeline, so that you can do the frequency range of the sound of leaks in mind.

4、Probing for leaks is usually best done at night when it is quiet, because at this time the outside interference noise and water consumption is minimal.

5, if there are exposed pipeline valves and hydrants nearby, first of all, we should use the sound stick or pipe leak detector in the pipeline valve and hydrant sound, if you can not hear the abnormal sound can be judged that there is no leakage nearby, but pay attention to the valve if not closed or not fully open will have a large water impact sound, you can not mistake this sound for the sound of water leakage.

6, the hard ground directly with the pickup vibration sensor probe detection, and in the soft soil or lawn to be screwed on the bottom of the probe metal insert rod, the metal insert rod into the soil detection.

7, if you find a leak suspected, for prudence do not immediately determine the point is the location of the leak, it is best to play a few deep holes in the ground near the place, and then insert the listening rod into the diagnosis, compare the sound size of each point, so that the fixed point is more accurate. Sometimes the water leaking from the pipe will also come out directly from the hole, if so, compare the size of the water column to determine the location of the leak.


Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of pipeline leak detection equipment and urban pipeline loss reduction. At present, we have established the 13th Five-Year National Water Special R & D Base with Harbin Institute of Technology, the University of Science and Technology of Hunan Province, and the Strategic Innovation Cooperation Base of University of Algeria. The series of pipeline leak detection instruments have applied for a number of invention, utility model and appearance patents, forming its own unique technical characteristics and advantages.