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Best Water Leak Detectors: Protect Your Home from Damage

Views: 29     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-27      Origin: Site

A leak occurring within a floor void would therefore go unnoticed until the hydrostatic head of pressure meant that the water found its way through to floors below where its dripping through the ceiling would be noted or, and more disconcerting, the water would penetrate the joints and connectors of the power or network cabling and cause system failure from short circuit.

Water leak detection is an expression more commonly used for larger, integrated systems installed in modern buildings or those containing valuable artifacts, materials or other critical assets where early notification of a potentially damaging leak would be beneficial. In particular, water leak detection has become a necessity in data centers, trading floors, banks, archives and other mission-critical infrastructure.

One of the biggest issues facing any homeowner is water damage. A burst pipe, hot water heater or leaky appliance can cause you to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, there are now a number of smart devices that can not only detect water leaks, but can also notify you and shut off the water automatically, keeping a small problem from becoming a major catastrophe.


Our company's TC series leak detection products have the following advantages:

1. Can filter with the interference of environmental noise,

screening out the leakage noise, lock leakage points quickly.

2. Full touch screen design, simple operation.

3. Can be displayed the distribution of the noise signal at each frequency

in real time.

4. Automatic drawing continuous noise curve ( Location Mode)

within a certain time

5. Sensor is built-in preamp circuit, making the ability to capture the noise

is higher than similar products.

6. Adopt latest noise detecting element, sounds clear.

7. The number and time of recordings is unlimited, which is not lost

after shut down, could be analyzed at any time.

8. Using a large capacity battery, can work for more than ten hours ,

and can be removed charging and online charging.


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