Our new product--PQWT-CW901 Thermal imaging temperature measurement system

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PQWT-CW901 Thermal imaging temperature measurement system

Ø No sensing temperature: It can test the face temperature of the person who passes the temperature measuring door and match the person accurately. The temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃.

Ø Human body temperature detection: It can be set by the safe temperature threshold. If the threshold is exceeded, the display device can be linked to alarm to establish the first line of defense.

Ø Face capture: It can capture the face of people passing through the temperature measurement door, the capture success rate is over 99%, and the temperature measurement process can be checked.

Ø Data storage: photo capture, video recording data storage path is set independently, recalling data is clear at a glance.

Ø Modular component design: convenient and quick to transport and maintain.




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