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Case of farming base using pqwt water detector to drill wells for water

Views: 25     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-05-26      Origin: pqwt

water detector

A farming base in Beishan Town, Changsha County, covering an area of more than 50 acres, needs enough water to meet the requirements of the farm .the daily water is extracted from a small river nearby, and the owner is very anxious because of the high water quality requirements.

water detector

We went to the destination with pqwt natural electric field water detector, and first understood the situation of the site, which belongs to granite and marble strata, and some cubes in the area have fine flowing sand layer.

water detector

We first conducted a site survey in the area to find the exploration target area, first according to the boss's request in the nearest road side of the house laid a measurement line using pqwt water detector for measurement. A few minutes later the pqwt water detector measurement results came out, there is an anomaly in the measurement area, suspected to have structure. But I think it is not very ideal, and later wired behind the house to measure, after the completion of the measurement found that the location of point 7 anomaly obvious, and later after retesting and other verification finally fixed point 7, design well depth of 120 meters, the water volume is estimated 180-200 cubic meters per day, can meet the requirements of the farm 150 cubic meters of water per day.

water detector

The whole exploration process was live-streamed, and the drilling rig started to drill after the third day. The actual drilling result was a layer of water around 30 meters, the amount of water was not large and belonged to the sand layer, and the amount of water did not increase significantly until 90 meters. The owner was very happy. This case again proved that the accuracy of pqwt natural electric field multi-channel water detector is surprisingly high, and the drilling results and measurement results match very well. It is a good tool to find water for the drilling industry.

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