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Delhi:Open Delhi Door,PQWT Team came into India

Views: 67     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-06      Origin: Site

Delhi:Open Delhi Door,PQWT Team came into India

PQWT team arrived in India on September 12th, 2017 by air. The first station is the capital of India, Delhi, an area of 1484 square kilometers.

It is the main traffic location between India River and Ganges River, which is a strategical location since ancient times. The city is divided into two parts for Old Delhi and New Delhi. The two parts are like two neighbors, one is rich and the other one is poor, living in the same land with a famous Delhi door across .This important city in northern India is known for manufacturing traditional crafts, especially in electronic products. It is one of the business center as well as a financial center ,which is also the National Railway, Highway and Air Traffic Center. 1. PQWT Team meet the first customer , a Geologist , who is from Government institute as we arrived in Delhi in the evening.We talked about cooperation and he read our cases share and PQWT Solution publish material we brought with much interest,he gave high praise about our product and show the interest for long term corporation.

2.The next person PQWT Team meet is a CEO for a big Electronic product company in Drilling industry.Before we came to India, he showed much of enthusiasm to our product and looking forward meeting with PQWT in India. The first time he meet PQWT Team, he signed  the contract for PQWT Distributor happily. As a important person in a drilling company, he set the picture which with PQWT as Whatsapp head picture, show his sincerity and support to our corporation.

3. PQWT Team is enlarging in Delhi, New agreement was signed with different company in different cities.

3.Work meeting with different drilling company in Hyderabad.

Great Meeting with national Geophysical research institute, they are satisfy about result and how PQWT devices can help for them research.

5.Signing distributor contract with one of our customer.

6.Work meeting with Geologist from India.

7.Working session with Geologist , he drilled out more than 200 wells successfully with our device detection.

8.Training session for our customer.

Mumbai is the most big harbor and transportation hub in India, which is also the economical central and Industrial base ,it is called the Door of western India, which is the cradle-land of India textile Industry as well as the biggest textile export port.

On behalf of PQWT team, thank you to all of our costumers who give us time and for those who didn’t have time to meet us .

Special thanks for Dr. Chavan and Dr Harinath. We look forward to extending our cooperation with you for years to come, and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service and feedback using our devices, so that we will provide Better service to our customers.