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Leak detection related knowledge

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Hidden water leaks can turn pipes and appliances that you often take for granted into ticking time bombs that can do tremendous damage to your home if a leak goes undetected for a long period of time. Various events and conditions can cause such leaks. Avoiding such leaks is the best method of prevention of the damages and dangers that can result from hidden water leaks.


What can cause hidden water leaks?

One of the most prevalent causes of hidden water leaks is the aging of pipes. Old pipes can rust, corrode, or freeze, causing leaks to form in difficult-to-detect areas. Appliances and appliance connections can also age and deteriorate, leading to leaks.

Shoddy workmanship can also lead to hidden water leaks. Poorly installed pipes can leak at the elbows and cause numerous leak problems.

What are professional leak detection techniques?

Fortunately, there are several ways that we can detect hidden leaks in your home before the problem gets too bad. One way that we can find hidden leaks is by measuring pipes’ water pressure to determine if they are leaking. We may also choose to dig and drill the area that has been impacted by the leak.

Another professional detection possibility is to use an infrared camera to discover the leak by examining the pictures taken of the pipes.


How can you avoid hidden water leaks?

There are multiple steps you can take to prevent damage to pipes that can cause hidden water leaks. One thing that you can do is to have a professional regularly inspect your pipes so that corroding pipes can be replaced before they begin leaking. You should also take special care of your pipes in winter by wrapping them in insulation and leaving cabinet doors open so that warm air can keep them from freezing and bursting.

If all of your pipes are old, you might want to consider hiring a professional to simply replace all of your old pipes, effectively cutting the risk of hidden leaks forming.


What are the dangers?

A hidden water leak can cause molds to form in your home, potentially making you ill and compromising your health. Such leaks can also cause electrical fires due to compromised building materials that have been damaged by the hidden leak. You could also be seriously injured if a portion of the house such as the floor or roof gave way due to wood, drywall, etc. that have been damaged by hidden leaks.


Professional Pipe Water Leak Detection


PQWT-CL series Pipe Water Leak Detector is a professional instrument for water leakage from water supply companies, heating companies, municipal construction companies and property companies. They are mainly used to find and determine the location of leakage points of water supply pipeline, and they can also be used to detect the leakage of other pressure piping systems. When the fluid in pipeline erupts through leakage source due to the pressure, the noise produced by the impact on internal wall will spread along the pipeline or along the buried layer medium to the ground, and the instrument determines the leakage source through the amplification of leakage noise and the analysis of the spectrum signal.


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