PQWT-GX600 Series Multifunctional metal Pipeline Detector / cable locator

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Our Company long-term commitment to research cable fault testing,PQWT-GX600 has been used by thousands of users in the power cable test has a high reputation in the field. The company used the latest concepts developed PQWT-GX600 pipeline locator, especially for cable-to-ground insulation failure of fast and accurate positioning, to find the path, depth positioning.

PQWT-GX600 pipe locator is based on electromagnetic induction method to the application of communication principles designed. Included in the use of more user-friendly design, through large-screen liquid crystal display signal strength, grate, arrows and voice prompts make the operator to easily determine the location and underground cable fault. One person to complete all operations.

PQWT-GX600 pipeline locator can be used to find the cable path and can be used to find buried cable failure. Can be done in the past several sets of equipment to complete the task.

Instrument Features:

all-digital positioning system, and show a clear, reliable positioning

portable lightweight,easy to use,quick to find

Built-in rechargeable battery,the test without electricity

depth with cable shows,current shows

large-screen LCD graphic display,without earphone test

Built-in ohmmeter measure the resistance of the cable loop

cable locating and fault-finding with two functions

You can find up-to-ground insulation failure 2 MΩ

adapt to night-time operation with back light



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