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Professional pipe leak detection, water leak detection experts, how to do when the water pipe leaks

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Water "run, bubble, drip, leak" is a long-term problem faced by urban water companies, property communities, large enterprises and factories. The waste of water is not only a waste of valuable natural resources, but also to the city water company, property community, enterprises and institutions caused a lot of economic losses and burdens. Water leakage from fire hoses is a great safety hazard. Therefore, the positioning of accurate water leak detection equipment and correct, scientific means of water leak detection is very much needed by enterprises and institutions.

pipe leak detection

Professional pipe leak detection

Leakage sound waves generated: a certain pressure of the water supply network, once the breakage occurs leakage, due to the role of pressure differences inside and outside the pipe, water will escape from the breakage point, and has a certain speed, the escaped water will produce two mechanical movement process.

(1), due to the viscosity of water and has the initial velocity, will rub the pipe wall, the formation of vibration, the vibration in the form of fluctuations along the pipe to both sides of the propagation, at the exposure point (such as gate wells, etc.), you can use the electronic leak detector probe rod for the predetermined location of the leak point

(2), when the water column escapes from the breakage, because of the quality and initial velocity, will impact the soil medium around the pipe body, the formation of vibration, and in the form of fluctuations, isotropic surface is spherical dispersion spread around, its fluctuations belong to the spherical wave, its attenuation consists of two parts: the spatial direction propagation of spherical dispersion and radial direction propagation of the internal medium heat loss.

The closer the distance of water leakage noise propagation, the greater the sound intensity at that place, the detection of water leakage sound waves along the pipe at the ground, located near the point of leakage ground projection point has the maximum sound intensity. Using this feature, the leak detection machine can be used to accurately locate the leak point by using ground listening.

Main business: Water leakage from underground pipes is a long-term problem faced by enterprises and institutions. Not only is it a waste of valuable natural resources, but also causes great economic losses and burdens, and water leaks from fire hoses are a great safety hazard. For water shortage, water waste and other phenomena, with the most advanced leak detection instrument and professional knowledge has been for hundreds of units to detect leaks, check the total amount of leakage of millions of tons per month, for the country to save a lot of water resources, for the enterprises and institutions served to save a lot of money. For a number of users to solve the problem of water leaks that others have checked and still have not solved, by the service users known as; leak detection shenanigans.

Our aim is to stand in your shoes, think what you think, solve your worries and difficulties, find out all the leaks in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of money, solve the potential problems in the water supply network and reduce the expenses of water bills! Dalian Gaojia Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. has a professional team of underground water pipeline leak detection, water leak detection and positioning technical services. Underground tap water leak detection, underground heating leak detection, underground tap water pipe network leak detection, underground heating pipe network leak detection, underground fire pipe network leak detection. What about underground pipe leaks? If we consider the reason of economic benefits, leak detection is the only way to solve the water leakage of pipes. Leak detection, that is, through the application of professional equipment and instruments, a method to find underground water pipeline leaks, is also the best way to detect and locate water leaks in the pipeline. At the same time, our company has the following services: HVAC, water supply and drainage equipment installation and construction; interior and exterior decoration and renovation; energy-saving technical services; water flow testing; septic tank emptying; secondary water supply equipment cleaning and disinfection; corporate cleaning services, canteen management, landscaping, and corporate logistics services.

There are many kinds of water leakage detection methods, such as regional installed meter method, listening method, acoustic shock method, infrared method, tracer element method, related signal detection and buried layer media change detection method. Any kind of detection method is essentially detecting some kind of effect caused by water leakage, the more obvious the corresponding effect the simpler the detection. Currently widely used application method for listening to the sound method, acoustic shock method. This method refers to some kind of sound transmission tool to listen to the sound of water leakage, according to the size of the leakage sound and the characteristics of the medium to determine the location of the leakage, tools from simple mechanical listening to various types of listening to leak detection instrument is currently developing quite rapidly

Key points: water leakage triggers vibration and pronunciation effect

pipe leak detection

Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of pipeline leak detection equipment and urban pipeline loss reduction. Mainly committed to the underground pressure pipeline leak detector application technology research and scientific and technological research and has been jointly established with Harbin Institute of Technology, the 13th Five-Year National Water Special R & D base, and Hunan University of Science and Technology jointly established a strategic innovation cooperation base of industry-university research, and Algeria University reached a strategic partnership, our Institute adhere to the "science and technology to develop the hospital, talent to strengthen the hospital Our institute insists on the strategic goal of "science and technology, talents strengthen the institute", implements the policy of running the institute in an open manner, and the independent core leak detection technology in the field of research and development of new generation of underground pressure pipe leak detection equipment has attracted great attention in the industry, and the pipeline leak detection series instruments have applied for many invention, utility model and appearance patents, forming its own unique technical characteristics and advantages.