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Report on Carton Fair of PQWT

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Report on Carton Fair of PQWT

On October 15th to 19th, 2017, the 122nd Autumn Carton Fair was held in Guangzhou annually as scheduled, exhibiting electronic and household appliances, hardware tools, machinery, chemical, lighting, building materials, energy and other commodities. Customers from all over the world come along, witness the global market demand warms up.

Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute appear brightly at the 122nd session of the Canton Fair, bring the independent R&D geological exploration equipment such as one key mapping instrument for groundwater detector, ultrasonic sensor water leak detector, cavity detector instrument to the fair stage, attracting global buyers’ eyes.

PQWT latest developed one key mapping underground water detector, which have advantages as fast measuring speed and high efficiency; convenient carrying, simple operation, high accuracy and stability compared with traditional artificial field method instrument in extensive field testing; with advanced anti-jamming technology; automatic drawing curve, profile; expert team strong technical support team. As soon as appeared at the Canton Fair , it gained the attention and interest of customers from Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South America and other regions.

X country customer Nishan engaged in well drilling industry field for decades, but it’ s difficult to find the right point to drill because their water finding technology is not advanced, and even adopted old traditional method, not only inefficient, but also the accuracy is not enough. After he saw our PQWT produced one key automatically mapping water detector, showed great enthusiastic, immediately decided to order one unit for using in his country, and discussed the details of becoming the distributors of PQWT.

Customer Reddy from D country is our old customer who already bought ground water detector products. After he heard that PQWT company is going to exhibit in Canton Fair, specially contacted our company staff to confirm about our Canton Fair booth number. When meeting us at the exhibition, he excitedly shows his several articles published on local journals about PQWT automatically mapping groundwater detector, and expressed his gratitude and support on PQWT.

Customer Saman from K country who consulted before has the intention to buy the  water detector product, by this time of Carton Fair, he came to PQWT exhibition booth, asked our staff about the underground water detector instrument thoroughly, after a detailed understanding of the performance and operation of the product, he promptly decided to pay $2000 deposit for 5 sets of water detector, and signed a distributor agreement.

Except for the hot selling product underground water detector , ultrasonic pipe leak detector has also attracted customers from many countries. Mr Islam is a geological exploration equipment trader, engaged in the selling of such products for many years. He showed enormous interest in our latest ultrasonic sensor water pipe leak detector. He said that the market of water leak detector products in city pipeline maintenance and city planning is very broad.

During the exhibition of Carton Fair, customers who inquire about PQWT products mostly leaves their business card and contact way, some customers even add our WeChat on the spot , hope to further information and negotiate. PQWT team warmly welcomed all the customers with detailed explanation, demonstration, listening to every customer's requirements, showed PQWT quality of professional, diligent, dedication.

Through the Canton Fair, we not only strengthened the contact with our customers, but also saw the strength and superiority of PQWT institute. In the future global market, PQWT will stand in the world manufacturing stage with a more open and confident attitude, communicating with customers all over the world .

Thanks our customers for long term support and potential customer for strong concern . PQWT look forward to cooperating with you to create the future!