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Rig owners get new technology PQWT-TC water detector to mitigate haphazard drilling

Views: 65     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-06      Origin: Site

Rig owners get new technology PQWT-TC water detector to mitigate haphazard drilling

The PQWT agent in Nigeria (Michael Ale

The Association of Professional Rig Owners and Borehole Drilling Practitioners (AWDROP) has procured a new Intelligent Automatic Mapping Geo-physiological prospecting PQWT-TC water detector, an equipment to militate against haphazard drilling of boreholes in the country.

The President of the association, Engr. Michael Ale, who stated this in a chart with journalists, said the equipment would help in determining the actual depth in water drilling and help guard against indiscriminate activities of illegal practitioners.

Ale noted that the equipment is an innovative technology that will help the government on precision in allocation of borehole projects to contractors and therefore prevent the borehole failure rate in the country as it will help the Geophysicists to provide accurate survey report.

He said: “What exactly we are bringing to Nigerian community is a new Intelligent Automatic Mapping Geo-physiological prospecting PQWT-TC water detector, an innovative equipment in water drilling business. Considering the fact that we have so many entrance and lack of standard in the drilling industry which has led to indiscriminate activities and haphazard drilling, quite a number of people are confused about the depth of a drilling. Government give contracts without knowing the depth contractors must drill and as a result, our geophysicists give inaccurate reports, which are less professional.

“In order to solve all these problem, we came up with this technology because we learn digital technology replaces so many of our problems. The equipment is going to help the government on precision when it comes to allocating borehole projects to contractors. The equipment will prevent borehole failure rate in the country and help greatly in geophysical survey.

“As an association, we want to use this to empower our members as well make sure the government enjoy our services. That is why we bought quite numbers of this equipment and we have distributed to our known geophysicists and practitioners in this field. We are imploring the government that this equipment is right here to help to solve a lot of problems especially ambiguity in terms of project allocation to contractors,” he said.

Ale continued: “There are trained geoscientists who will handle the equipment coupled with interpretation of graphical illustrations to enhance efficiency because this equipment is highly technical. And I want to note that there is going to be technology transfer for better enhancement.

“Also for foreign invaders that are practicing illegally, this is one of the ways we are empowering our local practitioners who are geophysicists against their foreign counterparts. This is the responsibility of government as we have physicists who are graduated but are not doing anything.

“It is high time that government came up with solutions. We have many institutions that don’t even have geophysical equipment while those they have are obsolete or not upgraded. The government should please assist the young geoscientists to be assisted with necessary equipment,” he said.