Save Money by Locating Well Water

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Save Money by Locating Well Water

Water well drilling can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when you do not know where to drill! If given incorrect information about where to drill for your well, you can end up spending thousands of dollars and end up with land littered with holes. with PQWT instruments, we make it our goal to provide the best water locating machines with the latest technology in the industry.

Through professional institution with senior engineers and intermediate engineers years of experience and using state of the art technology. our R & D focus on Hydrogeological exploration, Intelligent data-capture technology, and Application of special technique, our devices can locate the underground aquifer and pinpoint the optimal drill site. no need computer the PQWT device will automatically estimate the depth you should drill and the potential yield of your well.

Our natural electric field surveys will help you locate groundwater and as a result, PQWT instruments are the leaders in this field. Many drillers and well developers use our machines because they see successful results from our natural electric field surveying, with resistivity contrasts underground rocks and minerals.The natural electric field on the surface of N different frequency electric field component, according to their different variation we study Abnormal changes in geological bodies produce, reaching solve geological problems in one electrical prospecting methods.

This method measures the electrical component of the electromagnetic field of the earth, so-called natural electric field method. According to this theory, the design and production of equipment called potential frequency of detecting instrument referred to natural selected frequency electric field instrument or instruments for geological exploration work.

This is the proven method of finding the underground aquifer and locating well water. Save money and your land with the help of PQWT instruments and his after sales service 7/7!

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PQWT is a professional institution in China who engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of underground water detector, water leak detector, leakage automatic analyzer, cavity detector, mine locator, dam piping detector, and borehole inspection camera. 

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