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What are the common ground water detectors?

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  Ground water detectors in the process of finding water, the principle is to use the benign conductivity of groundwater, the excitation effect, radioactivity and other physical properties to find the location of groundwater, depth, water table line and water output and other information, also commonly known as " ground water detectors " "water detector".


ground water detectors

The principle of pqwt water finder is to use the natural electric field as the field source, based on the underground rock ore (groundwater) electrical differences, after measuring the natural earth electromagnetic field in a number of different frequencies of the electromagnetic field generated by the law of change, to study the electric field and different geological body to produce anomalies to solve geological problems of a kind of well drilling water finder.


Nowadays, there are two types of ground water detectors in the market.


1Nuclear magnetic resonance ground water detectors


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) ground water detectors technology is the world's cutting-edge technology today, the use of nuclear magnetic resonance methods to directly explore groundwater is a new field of application of the technology, pioneering the geophysical method of direct water search.


The first country to use NMR technology to find water is the former Soviet Union. Since 1978, a group of scientists from the Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion of the Siberian Branch of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (ICKC), headed by AGSemenov, started a comprehensive research on the use of NMR technology to find water. They developed a prototype instrument in three years and improved it in the following decade to develop the world's first instrument for measuring NMR signals in the geomagnetic field, called nuclear magnetic resonance chromatography ground water detectors (Hydroscope). This instrument was patented in the USSR and the UK in 1988 as an important new means of detecting groundwater. During this period they conducted research on the improvement of the instrument and the interpretation methods, and the experimental studies were carried out over most of the territory of the former Soviet Union, from Xindi Island near the poles in the north to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine in Central Asia, and Lithuania and Belarus on the Baltic coast in the west. Based on the comparative tests on more than 400 known hydrological stations in Central Asia and other regions, a set of forward and inverse mathematical models, computer processing and interpretation programs and hydrogeological interpretation methods have been summarized and developed, and this achievement is at the world leading level. At the same time, the tests conducted in Australia, Israel and other countries (regions) have also proved that the ground NMR method is a new geophysical method to find water directly.


2Natural electric field ground water detectors


Cheap, is a helper of well drilling users, natural electric field intelligent one-key into the map of physical detection ground water detectors is the use of natural electric field as a working field source, based on the resistivity differences of underground rocks and ores or groundwater, on the ground to measure the natural electric field N different frequency electric field components, according to their change pattern to study the different geological body generated by the abnormal changes in the situation It is an electrical exploration method to solve geological problems. Because the method measures the electric component of the earth's electromagnetic field, it is called the natural electric field method; and we choose the frequency band of the corresponding depth for measurement, that is, the frequency selection, so also called the frequency selection method, so the total is called the natural electric field frequency selection method. The instrument designed and produced according to the theoretical method is called natural electric field frequency selection physical prospecting measuring instrument, referred to as natural electric field instrument or frequency selection instrument, used in geological exploration work. Therefore, from the professional point of view, it should belong to the electric method instrument among the physical prospecting instruments in the large category of geological instruments. From the application point of view, it can be called prospecting instrument, warfare water instrument, cavity detector, mineral finder, engineering exploration instrument, geothermal detector, archaeological instrument, well logger, water detector, ground water detectors apparatus, prospecting instrument, mineral finder, etc. From the perspective of measuring the field source to categorize, also known as natural electric field instrument, audio electric field instrument, earth audio instrument, etc.. The instrument uses the earth's natural electric field source without the need for artificial electric field, which means that the clumsy power supply system is omitted, thus achieving simple operation and lightweight instrumentation. The data collected by the instrument is automatically presented in the curve and geological profile through the built-in calculation function of the instrument, and the geological layer structure can be clearly understood according to the profile, and the specific information of rock layer, cave and aquifer can be quickly determined.

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