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Accurate Detection of Water Leaks in Home Plumbing

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-11      Origin: Site

Home plumbing leaks occur frequently, requiring a professional master to visit the home to accurately locate the leaks and find the leaks before they can be dealt with. However, there are many testing masters on the market, and their skill level varies, so many of them can't find the leakage point or handle it improperly, which leads to the leakage problem all the time. Today, we will introduce several common professional detection methods for water leakage.


One common method is infrared thermography detection. When a water pipe has a leak problem, the localized location creates a temperature difference with the surrounding temperature. The leak can be pinpointed using infrared radiation.

Another method is the sound detection method. Technicians use pipeline leakage detector, along the pipeline at intervals of 0.5 meters above the point, vertical pipeline and parallel displacement of three points, in the large pipeline using the "S" shaped point, listening and through the ground sound intensity and audio detection analysis to pinpoint the location. The key lies in the selection of different frequency bands of different leakage points, if the choice is correct, it can improve the accuracy of leakage point localization and reduce the error.

Another method is the correlation meter detection method. This leakage detection method is also an acoustic vibration method in principle. Leakage point caused by vibration along the pipe to both sides of the propagation, placed at different distances on both sides of the sensor received at a certain moment in the leakage point issued by the sound wave will produce a time difference, this time difference is determined by the pipeline sound speed and leakage point location.

In addition to the above methods, there are other methods, but the limitations are high, the technical requirements for equipment and technicians are also very high, so we do not recommend.