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Analysis of the advantages of pqwt water detector for drilling wells

Views: 100     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-05-25      Origin: pqwt

Finding groundwater requires the use of a professional subsurface pqwt water detector, which studies the topography by analyzing the profile. It is easier to find groundwater in low-lying terrain or terrain that is conducive to water catchment. Secondly, combined with the water-richness of local rocks, the feeling of brittle when struck with a hammer, brittle rocks and soluble rocks such as limestone are more likely to find groundwater.


What is the principle of pqwt water detector to find groundwater?

 pqwt water detector

The natural electric field as a field source, based on the difference in electrical properties of underground rocks and ores (groundwater), after measuring the natural earth's electromagnetic field in a number of different frequencies of the electromagnetic field generated by the law of change, to study the electric field and different geological bodies to produce anomalies to solve geological problems of an electrical exploration instrument.


In layman's terms, it is looking for the structure of groundwater storage conditions.


What are the benefits of using the pqwt water detector for drilling wells?


In traditional drilling, the well location can only be determined by the experience of the driller in determining the local topography, which may cause dry holes and economic losses due to inaccurate positioning to a large extent. Drilling with the pqwt water detector can greatly improve well completion efficiency, reduce costs, earn more profits for the driller, and win local business reputation.


Can pqwt water detector be used in foreign countries?


Yes, pqwt water detector is suitable for highland, plain, basin, hilly and mountainous terrain, there is no restriction either at home or abroad.


PQWT-TC150 water detector produced by Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a fully-automatic one-key map-forming physical prospecting (water finding) instrument.

 pqwt water detector

PQWT-TC150 water detecto type natural electric field one-key map making physical prospecting (water search) instrument adopts a number of patented technologies. The weight of the instrument is easy to carry, the measurement line only needs 10 meters, a single person can complete the operation, saving manpower, full touch interface, simple operation, external large-capacity memory card, the instrument with real-time automatic mapping function, on the search for high resistance, low resistance, through real-time mapping directly on the scene can respond to the anomaly.