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Concealed water pipe leakage how to do

Views: 12     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-22      Origin: pqwt

Will be hidden in the wall or underground water pipes we call dark pipe, dark pipe design does not affect the home aesthetics and save space, can be more, but if once the leak will be a headache, the leak occurred we can not visualize the cause and location of the leak, which gives the repair point came quite difficult. So "how to deal with dark water leaks from the tap?" Next, I will give you a brief introduction on how to detect leaks in the tap water dark pipe, I hope it will help you.

pipe leak detector

(A) how to check for leaks in the dark water pipe

Step 1 close the main valve at home, that is, there is a valve in front of the water meter, and then open the faucet at home for about 15 minutes, the main purpose of doing so is to be able to discharge all the water in the water pipe, and then close the toilet tank and washing machine and all the water intake switch with water storage function.

Step 2 Open the main valve of the water pipe and carefully observe if there is any movement of the water meter. If there is a problem with the needle moving, it means there is a leak in the water line. Next, perform a pressure test. The test value will determine which section of the water pipe is leaking.

In addition to this, you can also observe the ceiling in your home or go downstairs to your neighbor's house to see if there are water stains printed on the ceiling, that corresponds to the water mark is where the leak is. The easiest place to leak in the water pipe is at the connection, you can directly check the connection of the water pipe and install the connection with or without water leakage, and then repair it.

(B) test pressure how to operate

1, first we need to determine which section of the wall inside the water pipe leakage problem, and then combined with the home plumbing arrangement, especially the use of the installation of water pipes, through the water line diagram to understand the location of the joint, including the direction of the water pipe.

2, first turn off the house into the main valve of the water pipe. Next turn off all faucet switches in the house, all angle valve switches, and remove the water heater inlet pipe (to prevent damage to the water heater when pressurized). First remove a faucet for pressure testing, with a pressurizer to play 8 to 10 kg of water pressure for testing to see if the pressure, the results can not keep the pressure, the initial indication of the owner's home tap water leak suspected. Then continue to play air pressure test, the test results of the same drop pressure, can be determined that the house tap water leakage phenomenon.

(C) how to find water leakage from the concealed water pipe

pipe leak detector

Water supply pipe network under certain pressure, once the breakage occurs leakage, due to the role of the difference in atmospheric pressure inside and outside the pipe, the water will escape from the breakage point, and has a certain speed, will rub the pipe wall, the formation of vibration, the vibration in the form of fluctuations in the breakage along the pipe to both sides of the propagation. So there is a listening sound vibration detection method, through the pipeline leak detector sensor, the sound and leakage signal at the leak to collect and analyze. The closer to the leak point, the higher the relative proportion of high-frequency part of the energy, through a certain pipeline leak detector with the ears, will feel the sound sharp; the farther away from the leak point, due to high-frequency decay faster, so the human ear will feel the sound is relatively low. Through the comparative analysis of the sound of different locations, to achieve the effect of accurate positioning, to solve the problem of water leakage. But listening to the sound requires a certain amount of experience in order to distinguish, newcomers to the white recommended to choose the sound can be converted into understandable picture data and other functions of the pipe leak detector, such as pqwt L50 pipe leak detector, the instrument is equipped with two probes, can be applied to all kinds of water leakage scenarios at home.