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Detailed analysis of the causes of drainage pipe leakage

Views: 15     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-05-21      Origin: pqwt

Many people are very familiar with this drainage pipe, generally used in the discharge of wastewater, if you encounter some relatively hard objects, leakage will occur in the long run, but this is only one aspect, there are other reasons will also lead to this situation, we need to analyze in detail.

pipe leak detectorpipe leak detector

1, drainage pipe leakage causes: material reasons are not enough strength or hardness of the pipe and fittings; pipes and fittings have sand holes; pipeline installation is completed after the human cause of damage, etc.. The author of these cases have been in contact with the construction site, including galvanized steel pipe quality problems, some poor quality elbows outside the wall thickness is insufficient or have sand eyes, etc., these problems are generally difficult to find, only when the test pressure to expose. Plastic pipe quality is generally okay, but often not enough strength hardness.

2, installation and operation, construction reasons often have a lot to do with the skills and experience of the operator, some workers will operate such as unqualified thread processing of galvanized steel pipe, pipe interface connection is not tight enough and other issues. Drainage pipe interface leakage is rare, the problem is mostly caused by careless construction, such as forgetting to apply glue when connecting pipes, socket interface insertion depth is not enough, etc.

3, environmental factors are due to temperature changes, making the pipe or pipe fittings due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by damage. Plastic pipes often have this kind of problem, especially PPR water piping materials are more sensitive to temperature differences, more susceptible to damage.

Water pipe leak detector, generally called leak detector, or pipe leak detector, underground pipe leak tester, etc..

pipe leak detector

Its working principle is the pressure water pipe leak after the pressure water from the pipe breakout rushing out, and the sound vibration generated by the friction of the pipe wall and other additional vibration caused by the transmission to the pipe above the ground, the instrument is used to detect on the road to find out the leak.