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Drilling anti-seize technical measures are introduced!

Views: 4     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-11      Origin: PQWT

The following is the detailed introduction of drilling anti-seize technical measures, hope it will be helpful to you, the content is as follows.

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1、Strengthen the drilling fluid management to ensure that the drilling fluid performance meets the design requirements, keep the well wall stable, and prevent the drill collar, drill bit and stabilizer mud from filling up.

2、During drilling, the assistant supervisor should closely monitor the pressure, displacement and work of the drilling pump and stop the pump to check for any abnormalities.

3、During drilling, the assistant driller should carefully check the riser pressure gauge and weight gauge, and judge the downhole situation in combination with the turntable load and mechanical drilling speed.

4、When starting to lift the drilling tool, the drilling personnel should carefully observe the finger weight table, if the drilling tool is stuck, they should immediately move the drilling tool and lift the suspension weight should not exceed the original suspension weight of 100kn and the suspension weight below the obstacle should not be lower than the original suspension weight of 50kn, if the up and down activity still cannot lift the obstacle], the drilling personnel should release the drill pipe and move the drilling tool, paddle eye and other measures to move the drilling tool until it returns to normal.

5、If the drilling tool is stationary in the well for not more than 3min, the drilling tool should be moved in time and the distance of each activity should be more than 5m.

6、Drill 500-600m with PDC bit, start to check the bit and screw support, and adhere to the short start down drilling operation in the four sections after tendering, and should short start down drilling 150m for every 100m drilled to trim the well wall.

7. Use lubricants to improve the lubrication of drilling fluid and filter cake.

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