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Examples of water leak detection analysis of different water pipe types

Views: 12     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-20      Origin: PQWT

Water inlet pipe leak detection


Keep no water, look at the water meter first, write down the numbers, and check it again after 2-3 hours, if it is a leaky inlet pipe, you will be able to see it soon. Inside the wall water pipe leakage will generally lead to wall blotting, the treatment method is very simple, check out the leaky water pipe, and replace the water pipe can be. If it is leaking to the downstairs, it only means that the waterproof layer of your home floor may also fail.

 water leak detector

Drainage pipe leak detection


Turn off the sluice gate and drain all the places where there may be water. Find a hose to the floor drain flush, insist on a longer time, see if the downstairs will leak. (Note: Don't let any water flow outside the floor drain at this time so that you can accurately test if there is a drain leak)


Bathroom drainage pipe damage caused by water seepage is not very serious, you can pry open the floor tile near the floor drain and dig out a space nearly 3cm deep, and then use the plugging king to seal, about 1 hour for closed water test experiments to check whether there is still water seepage. If water seepage continues, you need to ask professional workers to replace the cast iron sewer pipe, it is best to use PVC or PE material to replace all the sewer pipe.



Floor drain leakage detection


Plug the floor drain and put water in the bathroom to see if there will be water leakage downstairs. Find a water pipe connected to the faucet, let the water against the floor drain location has been flushing, pay attention not to let the water to the ground up, adhere to 2 hours, see if the leak downstairs will intensify.


If it is a leaky floor, if the concrete around the periphery of the floor drain pipe is not dense and waterproofing is not in place, the leakage treatment is relatively good to do some, with the plugging king plus waterproofing coating on the line: cut a 2-3 cm wide ring slot around the floor drain. The plugging king will be mixed into a paste to fill the slot, and then wait for the water (about 30 minutes or less), use the press to compact the smear.


Waterproof layer leak detection


Turn off all the sluices, drain all the water in the water pipes, and do a closed water test upstairs for 24-48 hours to see if the downstairs will leak. If the inlet pipe and drainage pipe is fine, and the waterproof layer leak test after the downstairs leak, then the waterproof layer damage caused by leakage.

water leak detector

PQWT-L series water leak detector, is a professional instrument for various water companies, fire companies, heating companies, municipal construction companies and property companies to conduct a census of underground pipeline leaks. It is mainly used to find and determine the location of water supply pipeline leakage points, and can also be used for leak detection of other pressure pipeline systems. When the fluid inside the pipe is sprayed out from the leak point under pressure, the noise generated by the impact on the inner wall can spread along the pipe or along the buried medium to the ground, and the instrument can determine the leak point by industrial-level amplification of the leak noise.