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Find the way of underground water pipe leakage

Views: 2     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-12-07      Origin: PQWT

Urban water supply network system is an important part of the municipal network, its safety of operation directly affects the normal life of the public and the production and operation of factories and enterprises, but also affects the social and economic benefits of water supply enterprises. At present, the phenomenon of pipe burst in the water supply network system is still common, resulting in a waste of water resources. Therefore, how to take effective measures to prevent and reduce the occurrence of pipe bursts is an urgent problem of water supply enterprises, but also in line with the current national policy of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Before we still need to check the location, to deal with underground water pipe leaks, so you know where to fix.

pipeline leak detector

Leaky water pipe inspection method: the simple approach is to start from the introduction of water pipes, down the distribution of water pipes to check, including faucets, interfaces and other parts to see if there are leaks, all excluded, and then consider whether there is a problem with underground water pipes, if necessary, mobile earth excavation. Another method is to add a flow valve in front of the water meter to see if the meter is still flowing and you can determine if there is water theft or leakage.

I'm sure many people have experienced a water main leak, but they don't know how to determine it. In fact, once you master the method of determining a water pipe leak, you can know the cause of the leak, you can easily know where the leak is, and you know what method to use to deal with it. Today, Shanghai Plumbing Inspection Company has compiled a list of information on how to determine an underground water pipe leak? How do I know when a groundwater pipe is leaking?

How do I know when a groundwater pipe is leaking?

Acoustic leak detection methods. There are two types of acoustic leak detection methods: valve bolt listening and ground listening. The former is used to find the clues and extent of the leak, called the intended location of the leak; the latter is used to determine the location of the leak, called the leak location. Leak point predetermined location is to listen to the sound pole, electronic listening to the leak instrument (pipeline leak detector) or noise automatic recorder to detect the scope of water supply pipe leakage, according to the use of different instruments, the operation method varies, so far, practical and effective v. Low-cost predetermined location technology is mainly the valve bolt listening to the sound method

(1) Valve bolt listening method. The method of descent between valve jacks is directly in the pipeline exposure points (such as fire detection, valves and exposed pipelines, etc.) with a listening rod or electronic amplification to listen to the sound of leaks (pipeline leak detector), so as to determine the leak pipeline, narrow the leak detection range. Metal pipeline leakage sound frequency is generally between 300 ~ 2500Hz, while the non-metallic pipeline leakage sound frequency between 100 ~ 700Hz. The closer the listening point to the location of the leak, the greater the sound of listening to the leak; conversely, the smaller.

pipeline leak detector

(2) ground listening method. When determining the leaking pipe section through the pre-positioning method, you can hear the leak point of the underground pipeline, and the use of electronic amplification to listen to the leak (pipe leak detector) will be positioned on the ground. Listening method is to listen to the leaking pipe point by point along a certain spacing direction for comparison, when the ground picker is close to the leak point, the stronger the sound of the leak heard, the larger the leak point at the top. Picker placement spacing and pipeline materials, in general, metal pipeline spacing of 1 to 2 meters, while non-metallic pipeline spacing of 0.5 to 1 meter, concrete pavement spacing of 1 to 2 meters, soil pavement spacing of 0.5 meters.