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Frequently asked questions about pqwt pipe leak detector

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-19      Origin: PQWT

pipe leak detector

Underground water supply pipe leakage in addition to causing a waste of water resources, but also easy to cause safety accidents. As we all know, the water supply pipeline must maintain a certain pressure to normal water supply, once the pipeline leakage is very easy to form a torrent jet, in addition to a large waste of water resources, while the impact on the surrounding foundation, it is very easy to cause the road collapse and building foundation sinking and other very dangerous accident potential.

A. How does water leakage cause?

1、Waterproofing layer is not done well to cause leakage

2、Pipes are old or external factors lead to rupture

B、What are the advantages of pqwt pipeline water leak detector?

1, our instruments in the warranty period instrument failure due to its own quality problems, we will replace damaged components, accessories, etc. at no cost.

2, the instrument during operation, such as has exceeded the warranty period, components, accessories damage, we charge the replacement parts material costs four, fees, replacement and maintenance services.

3、We provide the instrument operation video and product manual to help customers learn to master the use of the instrument.

4、We provide relevant after-sales technical service contact cards to facilitate customers to solve the problems that arise in a timely manner at the first time.

5、We provide free software technology upgrade and software system maintenance.

6、Provide free training

C, pqwt pipe leak detector product principle is what?

(listening to the sound vibration detection method), through the sensor, the sound of water leakage and water leakage signal collection and analysis, to achieve the effect of accurate positioning, to solve the problem of water leakage

D. What are the functions of the pipe leak detector products?

1、Square sensor (for narrow spaces such as walls and underneath cabinets)

2、Triangle sensor (for the ground)

3、Medium sensor (applicable to the regular external network environment, can be connected to the sound pole, for grass, soft soil for measurement.)

4, large sensor (compared to the medium sensor high sensitivity, noise reduction effect is better than the medium sensor, mainly for noisy environment use.)