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Frequently asked questions and answers about the pqwt natural electric field ground water detector

Views: 37     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-13      Origin: PQWT

ground water detector

1How is the natural electric field ground water detector used?


A: Please read the instrument manual and watch the instrument operation video in detail. If you have unclear questions, you can call the number on the after-sales service card, our after-sales technical staff will help you.


2The principle of the instrument?


A: pqwt natural electric field ground water detector uses the "natural electric field frequency selection method", by collecting the underground potential difference (can be understood as resistance) changes, automatically draw the geological structure profile, analysis of underground water structure.


3How long does it take to charge the battery of the instrument?


A: The general charging time of pqwt natural electric field ground water detector battery is 3-4 hours, and the charger indicator changes from "red light" to "green light", which means the battery is fully charged.


4Instrument screen can not point, how to do?


A: The screen needs to be calibrated, I sent you the "Instrument Calibration Tutorial" video, follow the steps in the video to operate. If it does not work, please contact our after-sales technicians again.


(Note: only for the previous sales of resistive screen instruments, now the sale of the instrument screen has been changed to capacitive screen)


5, the instrument in the single frequency, three frequencies is what it means?


A: Single frequency refers to a frequency, three frequencies refers to three frequencies, the operation method is consistent with the two-pole profile, can play a wide range of coarse measurement, measurement speed is faster, but can not draw the profile, can not analyze the depth.


6How is the quality? What guarantee is there? If there are quality problems how to solve?


A: pqwt natural electric field ground water detector warranty period for two years, non-human damage free warranty for 2 years, the instrument lifelong maintenance, if the instrument problems can contact the after-sales department to help you solve.


7What are the components of the instrument accessories?


A: pqwt natural electric field ground water detector configuration: host, cable, electrode rod, copper electrode, charger, data line, manual.