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Home pipeline leakage case, pqwt pipeline leakage detector accurate location

Views: 5     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-10      Origin: pqwt

pipe leak detector

The homeowner responded that the district had a secondary pressurization of the pipeline by the water company some time ago, after which there was an increase in the water bill and the water meter was rotating when no water was used, so he suspected that the pipeline was leaking and asked us to come and test it.

pipe leak detector

We arrived at the customer's home in the morning of May 26, 2022, we were at the scene of the first pipeline pressure test, with Puch water and gas dual-use pressure pump on the hot water pipeline to play air pressure, close the main sluice, in closing all the angle valves, through the pressure test (playing the water pressure) but hit 4.5 kg pressure can not play up. Can be judged that the pipe leakage, we changed the air compressor to continue to play air pressure, still can not play up. The pressure drop is also very fast, 15 seconds pressure drop out. Finally, the leak was measured by the pressure of the water pipe itself. Hot water pipe pressure drop, the owner's home pipeline is installed by themselves, the pipeline direction is very clear. Here there is no pipeline leak testing towards detection

pipe leak detector

We use PQWT L50 pipe leak detector for census mode, using our pipe leak detector square probe, which should be used for indoor leak detection in many narrow places (such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc.). First of all, according to the pipeline towards the census, listen to the sound as well as the spectrum height, to find the suspected leak point, but also very clear and obvious contrast. After repeated listening and measuring Master Huang located the leak. Leak point in the master bedroom in the inner bathroom, we are ready to start excavation, just excavated when the pit is dry, you can judge the pipe buried a little deep, even live fans are saying that the pit so dry so deep still measured the leak point on the level is very powerful. The water pipe has been loosened, the leakage is also very serious. A pit full of water is also quickly seeped away, this lower type of bathroom, mortar water absorption is very powerful. So the pit was very dry when excavated. The hot water pipe leak was pinpointed.

pipe leak detector

In the afternoon, we tested the cold water pipeline for pressure, and found that the cold water pipeline was also not pressurized up, and we repeated the cold water pipeline for pressure leak testing, still dropping pressure and serious, or the same as the morning testing process, also for precise positioning, positioning in the public bathroom under the shower, and then we excavated to verify the precise positioning! After a day-long successful positioning of two leaks, the live effect also pulled full!


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