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Hot spring drilling: uncovering nature's hot water treasures

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-23      Origin: Site

Hot springs are a hot water resource with natural healing properties, possessing special material components and medical values. Hot spring development can promote the development of local tourism, improve economic benefits, and provide a great place for people to enjoy and relax. Hot spring drilling is an important means of developing and utilizing hot springs, and the following are some of its features and applications.


I. The formation and material composition of hot springs

Hot springs are formed when groundwater is heated by geothermal heat as it flows deep in the earth and then flows out of the ground along cracks in the earth's strata or rock pores. Therefore, the so-called hot spring is a water source formed when groundwater becomes warmed by geothermal action and rises to the surface. The material components contained in hot springs not only have the functions of beauty and health care, but also can treat a variety of diseases, such as rheumatism, skin diseases, neurological diseases and so on.

Second, the process of hot spring drilling

Hot spring drilling is a process of using drilling equipment to introduce cold water into the deep underground through the wellhead, which naturally flows downward under gravity and then further heats up under the effect of high temperature underground, and finally returns to the ground to become a hot spring. The process of hot spring drilling is roughly divided into drilling, mining and purification, and requires professional personnel to operate and monitor to ensure the quality and sustainable development of hot springs.

Application value of hot spring well drilling

The application value of hot spring drilling is very wide, which can improve people's health and promote the development of local tourism. With the increasing market demand, the development of hot spring resorts, medical treatment centers, spa spas and other industries worldwide is gradually growing, and hot spring well drilling has a key role in the realization of these industries.

Fourth, how to explore the hot spring drilling well

Groundwater source detector is currently an advanced water finding instrument at home and abroad, he can solve the major problem of shielding and frequency selection signal processing and amplification in complex natural electric field for multiple anti-interference design. Groundwater source detector is the use of natural electric field and geological structure of different resistivity changes and other related parameters to determine the analysis of the geological anomalies we are looking for. It is roughly the same as the traditional electrical exploration, but with essential differences and leaps and bounds improvement. Its exploration speed and accuracy have been improved several times.


Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute, a professional institution engaged in the research of geological exploration water instrument equipment, has formed a cooperative relationship with Harbin Institute of Technology and jointly established the 13th Five-Year National Water Special Research and Development Base, established a strategic innovation cooperation base with Hunan University of Science and Technology, and reached a strategic cooperative relationship with Algeria University. It is easy to carry, easy to operate, automatic map formation, high accuracy, and its equipment has obtained many invention patents and software copyrights.